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Software Packages

As a school, you have a unique set of concerns. Some need to track their transportation department more closely while others are more concerned about how they’ll handle multiple maintenance department members moving back and forth through different campuses. We have web-based software, client server software, mobile and hosted systems. When it comes to automating, we can help.

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Time Clocks

Need to hang a clock in the bus barn? No problem. Want to put a card reader in the cafeteria? Piece of cake. Hand scanners, fingerprint readers proximity readers and more. Connect them all to a wide area network? Look no further. If a school needs it, chances are we have it.

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Payroll Interfaces

Whether you were manually calculating all the paper time sheets in your office, or moving to TimeClock Plus from another system. We offer payroll interfaces that let you transfer your time information to your payroll program!

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School Modules

For more than two decades we have made it our business to know school business. We have developed several modules that allow you to gain complete control of your Time and Attendance requirements. From substitute teacher tracking, to annualized pay, or even blended overtime rates – we give you the tools you need.

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Why Choose Us?

With a robust suite of both software and hardware solutions it is easy to see why TimeClock Plus knows your school’s business, but don’t just take our word for it.

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