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TimeClock Plus Professional Edition uses the power of your Windows® server and employee workstations to offer up the utmost in speed and performance when you need it.

TimeClock Manager gives managers and supervisors access to daily administrative functions like editing hours, adding or editing employees, and generating labor reports related to the performance and productivity of the workforce.

Supervisors and managers have access to labor tools such as Accrual Tracking, Scheduling, Labor Reports, Shift Differentials, and the Who’s Here List. With Who's Here, Beverly can view what time everyone checked in to begin work, what job code they’re currently clocked into and more. If she has other managers within her department that need access to the same type of information, she can assign it to them through the user list.

Managers can have frontline information delivered automatically via email, as a file, or in hard copy print using our powerful Automation Utility. Here are a few of its capabilities:

  • automate the creation of TimeClock Plus exports for supported payroll packages
  • automate the creation of PDF, Office OpenXML, and HTML files for TimeClock Plus reports on a set schedule
  • e-mail the output of an automation to one or more email addresses
  • place the output of an automation in the file system. For example, a complete payroll report could be scheduled to print to PDF every night and be saved in C:\NightlyReports. The automation file names can be configured so that they will not overwrite the previous output.

With easy tools to use like the Who's Here™ utility and the Call List, supervisors have a virtual labor dashboard, shown in undelayed real-time to manage costly labor. Using TimeClock Manager, employee hours can also be transferred to most payroll packages using our payroll interface.

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