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TimeClock Plus Web Edition™ is a full featured browser based time and labor management application that provides robust and powerful employee time and attendance tracking on the web. Deployment is simple and fast, and does not require client installations at employee workstations. Employees merely open their supported browser, log on to the designated web page, and perform clock transactions. Your employees will be impressed with the employee self-service options you've provided to them -- all through a simple web page.

Essentially the administrative backbone of TimeClock Plus, you will use TimeClock Manager in a browser to control virtually every facet of your company's time and attendance reporting. Tasks such as editing employee hours, adding or editing employee information, generating labor reports and the performance of other administrative tasks such as accrual management are all done within TimeClock Manager.

Your managers or supervisors will be given specific user rights within TimeClock Manager. You will be able to assign employees to specific managers as well as determine access to particular features of TimeClock Plus per user. For example, Sarah may have access to run reports but you only want her to run reports for her department. At the same time, Mark may have the ability to view employee hours but you don’t want him to be able to edit those hours. All those granular capabilities can be determined within the User List of TimeClock Manager.

It is important to note that Web Edition can be deployed in conjunction with Professional Edition when both local speed and power are desired with an application that can run on the Internet or on an Extranet. This combination is called TimeClock Plus Hybrid™ Edition. For more detailed information about Hybrid operation, visit the Hybrid link located under Software Solutions on the right side of this page.

  • Easily deploys on customer's IIS web server.
  • All administrative, supervisory and employee functions are fully web-based.
  • Web Edition allows employees and managers to perform time clock transactions using their web browser without the need for physical client installations on PC's.
  • Web Edition 3.0 is hosted on an IIS platform and when published on a public IP address or VPN, Web Edition offers Internet-wide employee and management access to "real-time" TimeClock Plus information.
  • Web Edition 3.0 is compatible with IE 7, 8, 9, Google Chrome, and Firefox for Windows and Mac.
  • SSL protocols are supported for secure transfer of sensitive employee information.
  • Interfaces with most popular payroll and HR packages.
  • Available as an optional module, TimeClock Plus Mobile for Web™ provides access by Blackberry and Windows Mobile cellular devices. Multi-punch is supported allowing managers to perform operations on behalf of multiple employees at once.

With easy tools to use like the Who's Here™ utility and the Call List, supervisors have a virtual labor dashboard, shown in undelayed real-time to manage costly labor. Using TimeClock Manager, employee hours can also be transferred to most payroll packages using our payroll interface.

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