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Biometric Time Clocks

Fingerprint Readers and Handscanners

When you combine our TimeClock Plus® software – any version – with biometric verification, the age-old problem of employees clocking each other in, a costly occurrence sometimes referred to in the workplace as "buddy punching" is virtually eliminated. Biometrics provide verification of the identity of each employee performing a clock transaction reducing such time theft normally allowed by the exchange of traditional badges or pin numbers.

RDTg with fingerprint reader

When an employee is originally added into TimeClock Plus, the system will require an enrollment by an initial fingerprint scan or hand scan. TimeClock Plus will then compare the enrollment to future transactions. So afterward, every time your employee wants to clock in or out, the print taken during each transaction must match in order to complete the operation.

The TimeClock Plus BioScan 7

Now before everyone gets all worked up about the fingerprint or hand scan that TimeClock Plus captures and the idea that the print could be used outside TimeClock Plus – forget it. The “print” is really just a template or mathematical value (measurements performed by the device) that’s used to identify the particular employee. Outside of TimeClock Plus, those numbers mean absolutely nothing.

GT-400 Handscanner Time Clock

Whether you are a small business or even an enterprise level company, with the RDTg bio, GT-400 hand scanner, or BioScan 7, TimeClock Plus has a biometric device to fit your organization’s needs.

Diagram that shows how biometric time clocks can be used with your network.