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Telephone Based Time and Attendance

Perfect for employers with a remote workforce, TelClock allows employees to clock in where ever they may be using any supported telephone. With the ability to be hosted either On Premise or On Demand, allow your management to always have access to real-time labor reporting.

To perform clocking operations, employees simply dial a designated number or extension, and follow the prompts to clock in, view hours, and more. Clocked punches and other completed self-services activities are then immediately sent to your database.

TimeClock Plus TelClock Features:

  • Clocking operations
  • Go on break
  • Enter tracked field entries
  • Change job code
  • Missed punches
  • Rounding
  • Restrictions
  • Hear server time
  • Hear last punch
  • Substitute module
  • Job Costing Module

We offer 2 models of TelClock Appliances:

  • Model 1000 can be configured for up to 8 phone lines or extensions. This model is ideal for small to mid-sized workforces.
  • Model 2000 can be configured for either 16 or 24 phone lines and is ideal for employers with a larger workforce and heavier employee usage.

TelClock OnDemand now Available!

When TelClock is combined with the power of the cloud-hosted TimeClock Plus OnDemand, all of the hardware maintenance and configuration is handled by the experts at TimeClock Plus.