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Software as a Service Time and Attendance in the Cloud

What does that mean?

TimeClock Plus OnDemand takes our complete v7 solutions and puts them in the cloud. That’s right v7 Express, Standard, and Professional are available OnDemand and online for your organization. This ensures that you have the latest and greatest in Time and Attendance software solutions at an affordable rate. Pick the perfect solution for your business today!

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We make it easy - as it should be.

Call our sales department and tell them you want to subscribe to TimeClock Plus OnDemand. You get to choose between OnDemand Express, Standard or OnDemand Professional.


The Express Package is the right tool for customers who have simple time and attendance needs. Tracking employees clocking in and out, employee status monitoring, and controlling unnecessary overtime are just a few of the features OnDemand Express has to offer.


TimeClock Plus OnDemand Standard offers all the advantages of Express, plus employee timesheet entry, employee and management approvals, as well as access to the Employee Status Monitor.


Our Professional package provides customers with a full-featured time and attendance solution from Vacation and Sick Leave Accruals to Automated Email Reports and Employee Schedule Restrictions. Professional also allows employees to have even more flexible clocking locations via Mobile Apps and TelClock.


While providing real-time employee hour tracking, TimeClock Plus OnDemand brings you a time and attendance solution in the most reliable, versatile and easiest way – as it should be.