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As a school, you have a unique set of concerns. We have the tools to let you focus on what matters.

Time Clocks

Need to hang a clock in the bus barn? No problem. Want to put a card reader in the cafeteria? Piece of cake.


Managing Employees absences and finding qualified substitutes made easy.

School Modules

For more than two decades we have made it our business to know school business.

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It is easy to see why TimeClock Plus knows your school’s business. Don't take our word for it though.

National Summit 2017

Join us for two and a half days of learning, networking, and even a little fun.

TimeClock Plus® and K-12

With more than 3,000 school districts nationwide, we understand the unique challenges that face the K-12 Industry. Today, most K-12 organizations have specific processes they follow when completing essential tasks. However, many of these processes require the manual collection, organization, and transmission of information. This waste’s valuable resources on tasks that could be potentially automated. Let us show you how.

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