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About Us

The time and attendance solution optimized for you

About Us

In time and attendance, accuracy is everything. Your time clocks and their corresponding data must be right. Anything less can result in problems with payroll, upset employees, ruined credibility with HR and the C-suite — even wage-and-labor non-compliance penalties. Because time and attendance matters this much, why would you use an impersonal, one-size-fits-all solution? That’s not how you view your employees or your job.

Yes, an accurate time and attendance solution demands technology that ensures compliance and captures every process, rule, and exception. But it also requires flexibility and personalization to account for your unique needs. It demands a partner that not only has the expertise, but that also shares the desire to make your entire payroll system work flawlessly — for you and your people.

Over the years, our commitment to fulfilling the needs of each and every customer has resulted in over 60,000 organizations clocking over five million users across the country every day via time clocks. From our mobile solutions to our biometric clocks, we have created a scalable and comprehensive solution to optimize your time and attendance needs.

Finally, there’s time and attendance expertise that works for you: TimeClock Plus. We care for our customers like family, and we do whatever it takes to make sure they’re taken care of.

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