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About Us

TimeClock Plus is defined by a specific culture that stands out amongst the competition, a culture you (our customers) have helped create.

We believe that our time is best spent with you, and as the industry changes, we are involved to evolve with you. The standards our customers set are matched by our seamless, innovative v7 software, designed to help you better manage labor costs, reduce compliance risk, and easily adapt to DOL requirements.

Whether you own a company of thousands or just starting off as a small business, we have a customizable solution tailor made to fit. Our Express, Standard, and Professional software packages are designed with you mind, and guaranteed to help you optimize your workforce.

Over the years, our commitment to attempt to fulfill the needs of each and every customer has resulted in over 60,000 organizations clocking over 5 million users across the country every day. From our mobile solutions to biometric clocks, we have created a scalable and comprehensive solution to optimize your time and attendance needs.

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