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TimeClock Plus v7 Advanced Scheduler

The Scheduler You Didn't Know You Needed

Advanced Scheduler

With the new Advanced Scheduler, we've taken our TimeClock Plus v7 Scheduler, revamped it and added even more user-friendly, self-service features to better fit your time and attendance needs. Efficiently manage and schedule your employees while minimizing gaps and maximizing productivity.

For Managers

In Advanced Scheduler, managers can create, manage, and assign shifts all in real-time. Features such as Master Schedule, Shift Assignments, and Dashboard customization give you complete control to maintain your employees' time and attendance.

Advanced Scheduler - Master Scheduler Screenshot

Master Schedule

Master Schedule provides managers with an overview of their entire location or department. Using Master Shifts, the Master Schedule can be configured as recurring and can be published for up to a year in advance, allowing employees to view their schedules.

Advanced Scheduler - Shift Assignments Screenshot

Shift Assignments

Shift Assignments allows management to view a real-time snapshot of schedules by period or by day. From here, open shifts can be assigned or offered and even dragged and dropped for reassignment. Accompanying Shift Assignments, the Shift Board gives managers a quick view of shifts that have been dropped, open, swapped, and pending approval for fast resolution.

Advanced Scheduler - Dashboard Widgets Screenshot

New Widgets For Your Dashboard!

The Advanced Scheduler widget is a window into your schedules right on your dashboard. This widget provides a real-time snapshot of information such as Open Shifts, Drop Requests, and Expiring Qualifications.

For Employees

Advanced Scheduler for employees allows employees to have more flexible options. Now they can view, request, swap, or drop a shift; all from the dashboard.

Advanced Scheduler - Employee Dashboard Screenshot

Employee Roster

Built for employees, the Employee Roster allows employees to view published schedules, initiate shift drops and swaps, and even accept open shift offers on one screen.

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