Getting Back To Work Together

Return to Work Quickly & Safely with TimeClock Plus

We understand the criticality in getting employees back to work for the good of your business and your community. Maintaining compliance with state and federal return to work guidelines and keeping your people safe is at the forefront of our response to these trying times.

Workplace Hygiene with TimeClock Plus

Employee Status
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Contact Tracing in Real Time

  • Combine the power of TimeClock Plus Hardware and Mobile Apps with Cloud Software to track employees’ presence in real-time.
  • Built-in reporting by location or device lets you see who crosses paths throughout the day.
  • Quickly and efficiently isolate employees who’ve come in contact with known hazards.
  • Control personnel contact through collaborative employee scheduling.

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Employee Message When Clocking In
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Employee Engagement When Needed Most

  • Track health and wellbeing with questions at clock-in.
  • Deliver timely updates with employee messaging throughout the day.
  • Share relevant data with managers monitoring employee contact on the front lines.
Employee Message When Clocking In
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No-Touch Hardware to Protect Employees

  • Rapidly deploy pre-configured proximity readers for no-touch employee time and location tracking.
  • Retrofit existing TimeClock Plus hardware yourself or with our assistance without the need for a major investment.
  • Adopt mobile apps with geo-location for a 1-to-1 hardware alternative where necessary.
Employee Message When Clocking In
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FMLA & Families First Leave Tracking Enables Compliance

  • Easily track COVID-19 related FMLA to maintain federal compliance.
  • Configure specific-use leave categories for Families First mandated sick leave.
  • Capture required leave information to receive payroll tax credits under the legislation..

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Compliance Built-In

Configure TimeClock Plus for FFCRA compliance using the FMLA Module.

Learn why contact tracing is important to reopening your workplace and how TimeClock Plus is helping other business return to work.

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Opening Up America Again

On April 16, 2020, the White House released a set of guidelines title Opening Up America Again for state governors to follow when making decisions around reopening workplaces. Each state will have an independent plan, but the general guidelines for businesses are below.

  • Implement Procedures for Workforce Contact Tracing
  • Monitor Workforce for Indicative Symptoms
  • Promote Telework and Exercise Social Distancing
  • Perform Temperature Checks (check back for more on how we can help)
  • Perform Regular Sanitation
  • Close Congregating/Common Areas
  • Restrict Business Travel

To read more, check out this link:

Contact Tracing

Today, Contact Tracing enables health authorities to identify close contacts of individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19 and isolate them, helping to break the chain of transmission of the virus. As more people return to work, Contact Tracing will enable health authorities to prioritize testing and ration much-needed healthcare resources.

Granular Contact Tracing

A well-managed COVID-19 Contact Tracing policy is an important mechanism for mitigating the risk of infection impacting your business operations. The more granular you can track contact between employees, the better, as this prevents a wide-spread quarantine of your workforce and limits outbreak within your team. Additionally, a strong policy offers both reassurances to your employees and customers, and to community health officials who are working diligently to contain the pandemic.

TimeClock Plus Network

For more than 30 years, TimeClock Plus has been tracking the movement of people throughout the industry. We’ve tracked time, locations, and costs for enterprises of all sizes and have a suite a tools ready for rapid implementation during these challenging times. Using TimeClock Plus hardware and mobile apps, you can collect location and symptom information from each employee multiple times each day and aggregate this data in reports and dashboards as required. TimeClock Plus then automates reporting for visibility by location, device, time of day, and even employee. Once you’ve identified a possible hazard, utilize these reports to identify who shared proximity based on location, time, schedule, or device and notify those individuals to limit further exposure.

TimeClock Plus Dashboard

TimeClock Plus offers a wide range of workforce management tools that empower employers to track time to pay their employees accurately, control labor costs, schedule employees, and engage workforces with the greatest innovations in the industry. As a battle-proven leave tracking application, we can help you maintain compliance with new legislation and track employee activities to ensure your access to federal stimulus programs. Since 1988, TimeClock Plus has been here to help in your times of prosperity and in times of uncertainty.

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