Returning to Work Safely and Efficiently

Return to Work Safely with Workforce Management Solutions

Getting your organization back to work now involves a critical balance between ensuring employee safety while still maintaining accurate and efficient operations. Timeclock Plus provides various tools for both employees and managers to make this happen.

  • Remote, Mobile, and Single-User device options
  • Location reporting and analytics for contact tracing
  • Check-in with employees after their shifts
  • Dynamic scheduling can adapt to short-notice absences
  • FMLA resources and compliance tools
  • Management reports and breakdowns give a comprehensive look at labor and attendance
Touchless Time Clock
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Ensure Employee Safety with No Common Surfaces

TimeClock Plus offers multiple device options that eliminate common surfaces and protect against cross-contamination. Ask us about our various options for employee operations.

  • Barcode, Magnetic, and Proximity badge-reading clocks allow for employees to perform operations without touching the screen.
  • Our mobile app can be downloaded onto phones creating a single-user device option that works for remote and mobile employees. This option can also be used for on-site employees by enabling clock operations without a congregation of employees in one area.

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Back to work devices
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Use Contact Tracing and Features Built for Employee Well-Being

Surveying employee well-being and maintaining a safe work environment is crucial, and with modules like "Question on Clock Operation" it is now easy. All device options use location reporting, meaning that contact tracing is readily available. Utilize these features to guarantee a prepared and safe workforce.

  • Use the Mobile App to map with Geolocation
  • Locate all clock operations by device names and IP addresses
  • Survey employee attitude and well-being with directed questions

Our Contact Tracing Whitepaper

Leave Codes
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Remain FMLA Compliant with Leave Management and Scheduling

A dynamic schedule that can be adapted quickly is a necessity in today’s workforce. The scheduling feature of TimeClock Plus can be easily adapted to ensure there are no gaps or shortages in the workday. Use our Advanced Leave feature to create and maintain FMLA cases, an updated request schedule, and more. Our solution helps you:

  • Run and view reports that give a comprehensive view of current schedules
  • Make quick changes and notify employees of any schedule alterations
  • Customize cases and requests for employees to submit
  • Run Summary and Detail reports for FMLA requests

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TimeClock Plus Dashboard
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If it can be Measured, it can be Managed

With our reports, all the inefficiencies from minor to major can be tracked, analyzed, and managed. Some of these reports include:

  • Period totals, breakdowns, and summaries
  • Jobs worked analysis
  • Leave and Accrual balances
  • Scheduled shifts, days, and weeks

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