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Time Collection with TimeClock Plus v7

In addition to clocking in and out, our industry leading employee time collection devices give your employees the ability to complete other self-service functions.
TimeClock Plus Biometric Timeclock
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Unified Clocking Operations

Same process to clock in and clock out or approve time across all devices.

Accurately Track Labor

Change departments, accounting codes, or even jobs to precisely track time and labor.

Biometric and Proximity

Eliminate buddy punching and ensure you only pay for hours worked with flexible solutions.

Manage Schedules

Employees can view schedules, enter leave requests, and swap or drop shifts from any device.

Employee Leave Management

View accrual balances, time off requests, and approved or denied leave.

Restrict Clock Operations

Configure who can use a certain device and what actions they can perform on the hardware.

View Hours Worked

Employees can quickly and easily view or approve hours worked during self-service times.

IP & Geo-Tracking

Maintain a full audit log of where employees punched in and restrict actions away from work.
TimeClock Plus time collection devices are the best on the market and are highly configurable to account for a diverse workforce. Our plug-and-play peripherals, magnetic swipe readers, biometric scanners, cameras, and more can be switched out over time, eliminating the need to purchase new time collection devices if your needs change. Our flexible options also support most organizations’ current badges, even if you have more than one type, and we are happy to test all of your devices before you buy.

ERP and HCM Seamless Integrations

Complement the power of your existing Enterprise Resource Planning or Human Capital Management investment by adding the time collection capabilities of TimeClock Plus Direct (TCP Direct) hosted in the secure Amazon Web Services Cloud.

TimeClock Plus Pin Entry Timeclock
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Pin Entry Time Clock

Available as a touch screen, the Pin RDTg allows your employees to clock in by simply entering their employee ID. The Pin Entry clock terminal is perfect for employers who need an easy-to-use time clock. Once an employee clocks in or out, punches are automatically recorded in the database for real-time viewing and reporting from a web browser or mobile apps.

TimeClock Plus Barcode Timeclock
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Bar Code Time Clock

The Bar Code RDTg is a card swipe clock terminal that reads a bar code printed on an employee badge. Employees simply swipe their card to clock in or out, leave on break, or change job code, which makes employee time tracking quick-and-easy. RDTg clocks support power-over-ethernet, wireless connectivity, and battery backup.

TimeClock Plus Proximity Timeclock
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Proximity Time Clock

The Prox RDTg allows the employee to simply wave a proximity card or badge in front of the RFID reader and select the corresponding clock operation to record all transactions in real-time. Biometric readers can be added to this clocking device for an added layer of security. The proximity time clocks can also be configured for door access.

TimeClock Plus Magnetic Swipe Timeclock
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Magnetic Swipe Time Clock

The Mag RDTg is a magnetic card swipe time clock that provides the same functionality to employees as all of our other clocking terminals: a simple swipe of their magnetic stripe card or badge. The Mag RDTg is a flexible solution for employers who already utilize magnetic stripe badges for door access or other functions.

TimeClock Plus Handscanner Timeclock
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Handscanner Time Clock

The GT-400 hand scanner is designed for harsh environments and easily allows employees to clock in and out in seconds. Using the hand’s geometry, the biometric hand scanner confirms the employee’s identity without the need for a fingerprint. All GT-400 clocks are available with an optional battery backup and the anti-microbial surface reduces the transfer of bacteria.

TimeClock Plus Fingerprint Timeclock
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Biometric Time Clock

The Bio RDTg biometric time clock comes accompanied by a large, full-color touch screen and enables employees to clock in and out easily with access to self-service functions. The FAP certified fingerprint scanners ensure data privacy by creating a map of the employee’s finger rather than capturing the full print. Our biometric time clock conforms to all existing data privacy laws and combined with the biometric management tools in TimeClock Plus v7, will help you to maintain compliance, making it the best fingerprint time clock system.

TimeClock Plus Web Timeclock
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Web Time Clock

Conveniently accessed through your web browser, WebClock is a web-based time clock that allows employees to perform clocking operations and self-service actions directly from a computer, tablet, or other device. Through our web time clock, employees can quickly clock in and out, leave on break, change departments or cost codes, submit time off requests, and even submit timesheets in one, easy-to-use interface.

TimeClock Plus Web Timeclock
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Mobile App Time Clocks

MobileClock provides employees the access and transparency to manage their time, create leave requests, view shifts, and more from any mobile device. When the mobile app is disconnected from the internet, data is still stored in "Offline Mode" until the device is reconnected to a network. Once reconnected, the data is automatically uploaded to the database for manager viewing. MobileClock also provides management with a GPS snapshot of where clock operations have occurred, and geo-fencing can be used to restrict the types of operations performed in a specified area.

Mobile Kiosks are available for organizations who have multiple people clocking from a single mobile device, such as a retail establishment or restaurant that uses a tablet point-of-sale. Mobile Kiosks operate just like our time clock terminals, and allow employees the same user experience across devices.

SubSearch Plus Mobile App is our newest offering and enables teachers, principals, and substitute teachers to stay in constant communication. Substitutes can accept sub assignments, manage their schedules, and receive notifications in one simple-to-navigate mobile application.

TimeClock Plus supports a wide array of time clock accessories, including bells, alerts, barcode scanners, and external prox readers (MIFARE, DESfire, Smart Card, PIV).
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