Thermal Sensor Touchless RFID Time Clock from TimeClock Plus

Thermal Sensor

Thermal Sensor

TCP’s Thermal Sensor Time Clock attachment is a revolutionary new device in the workforce management market that helps organizations of all sizes provide a safer working environment for their employees.

With our Thermal Sensor, your organization will be able to quickly screen your employees for potential health risks before they check in for each shift. Temperature scanning protocols are always secure and the collected information private to ensure complete compliance with HIPAA or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • Efficient and Non-invasive Screening

    The sensor takes only 3 seconds to scan each employee temperature, incorporating the process as a seamless part of your check-in workflow.

  • HIPAA Compliant

    TCP values data security and compliance, which is why measures are taken to ensure no private health information is ever shared or compromised.

  • Easy Protocol Setup

    Customize your own messages to inform employees of protocols based on their readings.

  • Temperature Trend Data

    Quickly pull a report to identify any potential trends that may require you to take action.

  • Configurable Thresholds

    Every workplace is different, which is why TCP allows you to configure temperature thresholds that fit your organization.

  • CDC-Guideline Screening

    To provide accurate screening, TCP incorporates CDC-guideline questions for that extra level of caution.

Thanks to TCP's superior functionality, all I had to do was set up my job codes and I was rolling.

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