TimeClock Plus v7 WebClock Timekeeping Solution

TimeClock Plus v7 WebClock
TimeClock Plus v7 WebClock

TimeClock Plus v7 WebClock

WebClock, our online all-the-time timekeeping solution, is the ultimate in convenience and availability. Whether you're accessing from the comfort of your home or in the hustle and bustle of an office, WebClock allows full control of when and where you take care of business. All that's needed is a URL, and you're set to go. With 24/7 hosting on our OnDemand servers, WebClock is always kept up to date and ready to suit your needs at any time.

  • OnDemand Reliability

    Stored on our Cloud servers and operating 24/7, WebClock offers the highest in quality and reliability, ensuring your company is kept running day in and day out.

  • Accessibility

    Because WebClock is stored on our Cloud servers, all that is required to access your company clock in is a valid network connection, meaning easy access and little downtime every day.

  • Personalized WebClock

    WebClock is able to be configured to the individual; from removing buttons to restricting what can be viewed, Webclock provides the ultimate in customization to the customer.

  • Dashboard Navigation

    Quickly enter your employee dashboard and manage your time and attendance needs with a simple, activatable PIN password.

  • Live Hosting

    Hosted on our OnDemand live servers, WebClock is constantly kept up-to-date and functional, ensuring you will always remain at the cutting edge of timekeeping technology.

  • User Friendly

    Intuitive to navigate and easy to use, WebClock provides clear, concise directions to everything an employee may need in their work day - all at the press of a button or the entering of a password.

  • Versatile Functionality

    WebClock provides a variety of options to ensure compliance and security. Whether it's enabling PIN requirements for employees, attaching a BioScan 7 unit, or just limiting what actions can be done per employee, WebClock is ready to ensure full control.

  • Ensure Compliance

    Using our intuitive software system, WebClock is able to impose restrictions on when, if, and where an individual can clock in. Additionally, WebClock is able to emulate PIN punch behavior, requiring employees to enter a personalized PIN in order to perform clock operations.

  • Open Communication

    Equipped with a built-in messaging system, Webclock dashboard gives employees a one-stop shop for all their work needs. From asking for time off, viewing schedules or accruals, or just contacting your manager about a concern - everything needed is readily accessible at a moment's notice.

  • Future-Proofing

    As we are always updating our technology, OnDemand WebClock provides the greatest in future-proofed software.

  • Cost Coding

    Integrated into the software, TimeClock RDTg systems allow you to specify down to exactly the task you need, providing you and your employees more control and awareness in day to day tasks.

This system is very user-friendly and easy to use in every regard. I have not once been disappointed in using this system.

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