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Workforce Management at the Head of Its Class

Workforce Management for K-12

With almost three decades of experience specializing in K-12 education workforce management, TimeClock Plus understands that no two schools operate the same.

That is why we created a complete and scalable time and attendance system that is used by over 3,000 school districts nationwide.

TimeClock Plus allows your administration to access the actionable information that is most important with real-time updates, customizable dashboards, and reporting. Available as an On Premise, self-hosted solution, or On Demand, Software as a Service (SaaS), TimeClock Plus v7 provides your school with a web-based system and a variety of automated time collection options.

Bidirectional integration with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Human Resource Assignment System (HRAS) gives your school the ability to maintain a single system of record to efficiently manage your diverse workforce. TimeClock Plus v7 allows your administration to easily track and differentiate between different contract hours, pay policies, and departments of your faculty and staff. Enable your administrative team to leverage the power of streamlined processes such as payroll, FMLA leave tracking, and substitute tracking with a completely customizable and user-friendly interface.

Sub Management Assignment & Tracking

Designed with teachers and administrators in mind, TimeClock Plus provides a streamlined method for finding, assigning, and tracking substitute teachers.

Sub Tracking Screenshot
Sub-level Sub-tracking

The Substitute module adds an additional level of tracking. It allows substitutes to select the worker for whom they are substituting when clocking in. If the employee being replaced has a special funding source, the replacement workers hours can be charged against the same funding source. This additional information will then be available in a report or available to export

Streamline Selection

If there are several locations, the list of regular workers may be broken down by location to make it easier for substitutes to find and select the worker he or she is substituting for. The substitute may also be manually entered or edited if necessary.

Sub Assignment Screenshot
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