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Time and Attendance Solutions for K-12

Workforce Management at the Head of Its Class

Workforce Management for K-12

Helping over 3,000 school districts nationwide in the K-12 industry, we understand the complexities in completing everyday tasks such as managing annualized employees with contracts, scheduling bus drivers with unique transportation routes, and dealing with variations in the payroll process like weighted/blended overtime.

To help ensure time and attendance needs are met, TimeClock Plus is built with robust features, tools, and time collection devices designed for tracking employee hours, managing comp-time and multiple accrual balances, and assigning employees multiple jobs.

Designed for K-12 Schools, TimeClock Plus integrates with numerous payroll providers to help streamline the payroll process. A few include:

  • Tyler Technologies’ Infinite Visions
  • Alio
  • TxEIS
  • Tyler Technologies' Munis
  • Skyward
  • Tyler Technologies' SISFin
  • CSIU
  • PowerSchool eFinancePLUS


Managers can use features such as SubSearch to help track substitutes and notify administrators when positions are filled.

Sub Tracking Screenshot

Designed with teachers and administrators in mind, TimeClock Plus replaces outdated manual systems that waste valuable time searching for a qualified substitute. Teachers can take last minute sick days, or take time-off for family emergencies without the anxiety of searching for a replacement. With up to the minute notifications for administrators, teachers, and substitutes, administrators can effectively manage the district workforce.

Sub Assignment Screenshot

SubSearch allows teachers to submit time-off requests and sends notifications via email and text to qualified substitutes. Substitutes can then accept or decline an offer based upon the criteria for the position. Once a position is filled, administrators are immediately sent notifications via email or text.

Time Collection for K-12

With our variety of time collection hardware for K-12 Schools, administrators can allow employees the ability to quickly perform clocking operations and self-service features from wherever they may be. From payroll clerks clocking in on a biometric hand scanner in the office to bus drivers clocking in on a mobile app, ensure accurate time collection with a completely automated system and customized experience.

Contract Hours Module

The Contract Hours Module allows management to create and track contracts for annualized employees to provide administrators with an organized and efficient workforce.

Annualized employees are usually paid a pre-configured salary; however, often times an employee may work more or less than the set amount. With TimeClock Plus’ v7 Contract Hours Module ensure your employees receive the correct amount when processing payroll due to the inevitable variances.

Comp-Time Module

TimeClock Plus v7 Comp Time Module alleviates the payroll process by eliminating the usage of paper and excel spreadsheets to calculate employee comp-time. Information is fed directly into an employee’s accrual bank allowing managers to view and approve requested hours. With this process, human error is mitigated and manager configuration of the Comp-Time Module is simplified to a scalable solution.

In addition, managers have access to Comp-Time Pay Out, which allows managers to export comp-time hours for pay at a specific time. Employees will then have the ability to view their comp-time hours in their accrual bank and automatically request when to use comp-time hours when making time-off requests. The process functions the same as leave time, allowing the employee to determine when to request time-off for either emergencies or personal use.

Transportation Scheduling

Bus driver’s schedules vary throughout the day and due to them not always being within close proximity of a time clock, keeping track of hours can be difficult. Therefore, TimeClock Plus provides Recurring and Ad-Hoc scheduling features to eliminate scheduling errors.

With Recurring schedules, easily configure the driver’s hours to stay consistent with a set schedule such as 8:00-5:00 Monday – Friday, or use Ad-Hoc schedules to configure the driver’s hours day to day or week to week.

Weighted/Blended Overtime

To prevent employees from being paid the incorrect overtime rate, TimeClock Plus designed the Weighed/Blended Overtime Module to adjust the hourly overtime rates worked during the pay period by using weighted rate calculations to redistribute overtime hours into job codes worked.

Case Study: Decatur Public Schools

Decatur Public Schools operates one of the largest public school districts in Illinois with over 9,000 students and more than 1,300 employees. Before using TimeClock Plus, they had problems with third-party hardware deployed as time collection devices, inadequate customer support, weak integration methods, and unstable supporting middleware.

With TimeClock Plus’ fully integrated, reliable time and attendance solution, Decatur Public Schools were able to seamlessly sync with Infinite Visions for payroll, and utilize fully integrated biometric time clocks that streamlined employee productivity.

“For our payroll department, it has cut down on the massive pile of papers that they would receive every two weeks.” - Rhonda Thornton, Grants Administrator for DPS

Like Decatur Public Schools, TimeClock Plus can help you:

  • Manage annualized employee contracts
  • Mitigate the payroll process including weighted/blended OT
  • Track substitutes with our SubSearch feature
  • Schedule your bus drivers and unique transportation routes

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