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TimeClock Plus Clears Payroll Gridlock Out of the Way
From your local city to government level, no solution is unreachable when TimeClock Plus and you work together.
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City and County

TimeClock Plus has worked closely with different cities and counties over the last three decades to determine the most efficient time and attendance solution. Working together with you, we can optimize your workforce management and reach new goals.

Workforce Management for City & County Governments
Workforce Management

Track the time & attendance of your diverse workforce across different departments all over the city.

Time Collection for City & County Governments
Time Collection

Low time-to-value is essential. Let us show you how quickly TimeClock Plus will pay for itself.

Legal Compliance for City & County Governments
Legal Compliance

Let us give you a hand selecting the perfect solution for your organization's needs.

State and Federal

TimeClock Plus understands the constant improvements and challenges that the State and Federal government face every day. Working together with you, we have created a flexible time and attendance solution to help accommodate those changes and complexities.

Workforce Management for State & Federal Governments
Workforce Management

Countless labor laws and budget restrictions can be difficult to navigate, but TimeClock Plus can make it achievable.

Time Collection for State & Federal Governments
Time Collection

Whether you need biometrics, card swipe, or even mobile apps, TimeClock Plus has the hardware that will work for you.

Legal Compliance for State & Federal Governments
Legal Compliance

ACA, FLSA, FMLA. Maintaing labor regulations is time consuming but, we can help. Your HR team will thank you.