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Time & Attendance Solutions for City & County Governments

Labor Cost Savings for Municipalities of All Sizes

Workforce Management for Cities & Counties

From increasing productivity and managing labor budgets to flexibility between departments and mitigating the risk of both labor law and Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) non-compliance, TimeClock Plus provides the intuitive tools your organization needs to manage your workforce efficiently.

With over 25 years of public sector experience, TimeClock Plus has complete time and attendance solutions to fit the unique needs of municipalities.

Tracking the time and attendance of a diverse workforce located in different departments across the city can be difficult. Enable your supervisors to track their employees on one unified time and attendance system throughout the entire city. The intuitive interface of TimeClock Plus allows your users to track and monitor workforce productivity easily. Streamline your workforce management processes with tools like customizable dashboards, automatic reporting, and the Advanced Scheduler that makes day-to-day operations simple and provide up-to-date information in an instant.

Advanced Scheduler for Cities & Counties

Advanced Scheduler for TimeClock Plus provides a robust solution for scheduling your entire workforce, including the complex schedules of your Public Safety teams. Flexible to fit the needs of every department, Advanced Scheduler provides both your employees and supervisors the ability to efficiently create, view, and modify schedules.

Schedules created in a spreadsheet and posted on the precinct bulletin board can be dated, unreliable, and a burden to access. Advanced Scheduler allows employees to access up-to-date schedule information and quickly drop, swap, or pick up shifts directly from the WebClock or other time collection devices. The complete scheduling solution not only supplies your various personnel with real-time information but also assists in eliminating schedule gaps, publishing recurring schedules, and mitigating CBA non-compliance risk.

Time Collection for Cities & Counties

TimeClock Plus enables your organization to deploy a variety of time collecting terminals and applications to fit the unique need of your organization and employees. Through a networked system, deployed through On Demand or On-Premise, enable your employees to conduct clocking operations and self-service functions across multiple locations. From Pin RDTG clocks to GT400 biometric hand-scanners, our time clocks enable you to customize the level of verification your organization needs when employees perform any function on the terminals.

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