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Header OvalTime & Attendance Solutions for State & Federal Governments
Time and Attendance Solutions for State & Federal Government

Workforce Management for State & Federal

Deployable through the cloud or On Premise, TimeClock Plus is flexible to fit the unique needs of your organization. With countless labor laws and budget restrictions, TimeClock Plus gives your organization the ability to accurately track and manage multiple departments and locations in one centralized solution.

With over 28 years of experience specializing in the public sector, TimeClock Plus provides solutions tailored to State and Federal Agencies.

To complete your time and attendance system, our Advanced Scheduler can be utilized to maximize the productivity of your Public Safety work force. The user-friendly interface and robust scheduling features ensure that even the most unique shifts are covered and easily adjusted.

Time Collection for State & Federal Government

TimeClock Plus enables your organization to deploy a variety of time collecting terminals and applications to fit the unique need of your organization and employees. Through a networked system, deployed through On Demand or On Premise, enable your employees to conduct clocking operations and self-service functions across multiple locations. From Pin RDTG clocks to GT400 biometric hand-scanners, our time clocks enable you to customize the level of verification your organization needs when employees perform any function on the terminals.

TimeClock Plus v7 WebClock

TimeClock Plus v7 WebClock is a seamless interface allowing employees to quickly clock in/clock out, change job code and more. Each employee transaction is immediately recorded in real-time, giving the manager up to the minute employee control.

The RDTg Bio
The RDTg Bio

Accompanied by a large full color touch screen, employees are able to easily access self-service functions, along with a simple process for clocking in and out. Our fingerprint scanners are ideal for office environments and seamlessly integrate with the server through Ethernet. Data collected through the clock is instantly sent to the database for management and employees to view.

The GT-400 Handscanner
The GT-400 Handscanner

The GT-400 Hand scanner is designed for multiple environments and easily allows employees to clock in and out in seconds. All GT-400 clocks are available with an optional battery backup and come complete with Ethernet capability.

TimeClock Plus v7 MobileClock
Mobile Clock

MobileClock is a time and attendance solution that allows employees to select clock operations from their Android or iOS device. All transactions are recorded in real-time and allow the employee to not only clock in and out, but view hours, request leave time, and check accruals from any location.

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