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Time & Attendance Solutions for Healthcare

Schedule. Track. Report. TimeClock Plus has Healthcare Covered.

Workforce Management for Healthcare

TimeClock Plus helps you efficiently and effectively manage your workforce and provides your staff with the user-friendly tools needed to track their hours accurately.

Whether your healthcare organization is a large hospital with multiple locations or a small clinic with traveling nurses, TimeClock Plus gives you a configurable, unified system to accurately track your diverse workforce. Our web-based solution allows management to access real-time labor analytics and reporting to monitor and control costs of labor to stay within budget and even save money.

Leverage the power of the Advanced Scheduler to accurately schedule hourly, salaried, and even contracted employees in one centralized system that seamlessly integrates with TimeClock Plus v7. The Advanced Scheduler reduces time spent scheduling complex shifts for 24-hour work days, minimizes gaps in the schedule, and allows your employees an easily accessible tool to forecast their work week.

Time Collection for Healthcare

With our variety of time collection hardware, give your employees the ability to quickly perform clocking operations and self-service features from wherever they may be. Whether you have staff clocking in on a biometric hand scanner in the office or traveling nurses clocking in on a mobile app, ensure accurate time collection with a completely automated system and customized experience.

Shift Differential for Healthcare

For hospitals and 24-hour healthcare facilities, TimeClock Plus offers the Shift Differential Module to easily manage the pay of irregular shifts.

The Shift Differential Module allows you to apply established rate supplements for irregular shifts, such as day shifts, overnight shifts, and weekend shifts. Configurable through TimeClock Plus Manager, shifts can be adjusted by a set added rate, percentage, or tied to an accrual bank to determine extra compensation time.

Shift Differential for Healthcare Screenshot

    Set as many different shift schedules as needed and adjust the rate for each shift.

  • Assign/Remove Shifts

    Simply assign or remove shift schedules to any employee.

Case Study: Century Care

Operating as a 24/7 nursing residency for nearly two decades, Century Care Management is a family owned business specializing in offering health care services along with a comprehensive rehabilitation program, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy. With the introduction of the Payroll Based Journal (PBJ), strict regulations from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), and the North Carolina annual survey, Century Care switched to TimeClock Plus to ensure compliance for the organization.

Century Care Management worked closely with the TimeClock Plus implementation team to integrate the PBJ and Shift Differential Module, install new RDTg 400 series biometric time clocks throughout the nine facilities, and configure v7 to create an efficient and sophisticated way to track their workforce management.

"It is technically demanding to set up 900 employees with different job codes and export that data into CMS”, said Cole. “Exporting in v7 is so easy and so simple to use."

  • Ensure compliance on healthcare regulations
  • Easily schedule your workforce
  • Mitigate the payroll process
  • Run detailed reports to track hours

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Legal Compliance for Healthcare

ACA compliance is important for all employers. The Benefit Status Monitor for TimeClock Plus v7 makes it easy for your administrators to track hourly thresholds for your full-time, part-time, and variable hour staff with a simple, automated system. This module notifies your management team when any of your employees enter their threshold to ensure proper benefits are offered as well as ensuring ACA compliance.
With 24-hour workdays, manually tracking overtime of your employees for FLSA reporting and compliance can be time-consuming and is prone to discrepancies due to human error. TimeClock Plus allows you to configure your overtime settings to accommodate many different shifts, employee roles, and payment types to track the time of a workforce that never rests easily.
Varying shifts paired with diverse pay rates can be tedious to track manually. Mitigate the risk of FLSA non-compliance with automated time collection and customizable tools that allow your organization to calculate overtime to specific regulatory standards. TimeClock Plus gives your administrators the power to make time-sensitive labor force decisions that can effectively manage employee overtime with real-time, actionable employee data.
A part of the ACA, long-term care facilities are required by The Center for Medicare & Medicare Services to submit Payroll Based Journaling. This payroll and census information about direct care employees are submitted electronically via an XML file. The PBJ Module for TimeClock Plus v7 allows management to simply create a report in the format that is supported by the Medicare Staffing Data payroll software.
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