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Time & Attendance Solutions for Hospitality

Complex Tracking, Simply Done. No Reservation Needed.

Workforce Management for Hospitality

Access to real-time, accurate data allows supervisors to make quick, time-sensitive changes to your workforce to maximize productivity.

TimeClock Plus has created a complete time and attendance tracking solution that is scalable, intuitive, and fits the needs of the hospitality industry.

With 24-hour workdays and various irregular shifts across multiple locations, track your diverse workforce with an automated, user-friendly solution. TimeClock Plus provides your management team with the tools needed to efficiently control costs of labor and mitigate the risk of non-compliances related to state and federal labor laws and CBAs.

Tools such as the customizable Dashboard and Advanced Scheduler will ensure there are no gaps in scheduling, as well as track employee qualifications such as regulatory gaming licenses or food handler certificates, so your business is always in compliance.

Time Collection for Hospitality

Automated time collection provides your company with a solution to accurately manage your workforce's time and attendance. Our state-of-the-art time clocks are built to last and give your employees an easy-to-use method of tracking their time and attendance. They are also able to access self-service functions such as viewing hours, modifying schedules, and requesting leave directly from the clock. Information collected in the clock is automatically transferred to the TimeClock Plus database for instant access by your managers and employees.

Legal Compliance for Hospitality

With a large and diverse workforce, accurately tracking ACA compliance can be difficult. The Benefit Status Monitor for TimeClock Plus v7 accurately tracks the status of all of your employees from your hourly to salaried employees. This intuitive module allows your managers to efficiently view the real-time status of your employees to ensure that those who are eligible are offered benefits.
Employees are able to request FMLA leave directly from the terminal or through WebClock. The streamlined FMLA Module eliminates wasted time spent manually tracking FMLA cases, mitigates risk of non-compliance, and enables you to forecast when an employee or team member will be out of the office and when they will return to work.
Businesses in the hospitality industry often operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These unique workdays can bring long and irregular shifts for employees. Empower your supervisors with accurate time collection, hourly threshold notifications, and overtime reporting to proactively monitor employee overtime and ensure FLSA compliance.
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