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We Are The Experts In Time And Attendance Software

We’ve built a robust, best-in-class technology solution, and we’ve fine-tuned our implementation and service over 30 years of constantly going above and beyond for our customers. We have helped thousands of organizations with advanced scheduling, employee scheduling, access control, and more.

We've also homed-in on specific industries in both public and private sectors to tailor solutions to fit each industry's requirements. Select your industry below see why 60,000 customers worldwide trust their time and attendance needs to TimeClock Plus.

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Industry Categories


Bidirectional integration with ERP systems allows your company to maintain a single source of record, tracking employee attendance, and assisting with the payroll process.


Electric, solar, wind, oil, and gas industries all benefit from the accuracy of TimeClock Plus v7 and the ruggedness of our time collection devices


TimeClock Plus is used by over 4,500 K-12 school districts and 1,600 colleges and universities across the nation to manage their workforce and to keep in compliance with Federal law.


TimeClock Plus has worked closely with different cities and counties over the last three decades to determine the most efficient time and attendance solution.

Health Systems

The Shift Differential Module allows you to apply established rate supplements for irregular shifts, such as day shifts, overnight shifts, and weekend shifts.


With the Job Costing Module, TimeClock Plus has the added capability to track job costing through clocking operations performed by your employees and workers.

Professional Services

With real-time and accurate time collection, control the costs of labor, mitigate risk of non-compliance, and create a streamlined experience for your payroll professionals.

Public Safety

Advanced Scheduler for TimeClock Plus provides a robust solution for scheduling your entire workforce, including the complex schedules of your Public Safety teams.


The Labor Cost Module for TimeClock Plus v7 tracks your labor cost in real-time to maintain an up-to-date overview of the efficiency of your workforce.

Staffing Services

Our mobile application removes the bounds of fixed time collection devices and provides employees the ability to perform time clock operations from wherever they may be.

My experience with your service department has always been positive and I'm treated with respect. I'm not sure how you choose your techs but you are doing something right because I never dread calling for help, not when I know the person on the other line will be so friendly and helpful.

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