Time Collection Directly Integrated Into Your ERP System

to transfer and process tracked hours for payroll.

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Seamless Integration with TimeClock Plus v7 and your ERP System

Our innovative and flexible time collection solution is purpose-built to operate with your existing ERP system and can result in substantial savings through increased efficiency, streamlined business processes, and improved workforce productivity.

TimeClock Plus ERP Integration
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Time and Labor Strategy

Extend your ERP investment without overlap by adding our data collection capabilities.

Time Collection Devices

Use our diverse time collection devices to collect real-time or offline employee data.

Cloud-Based Solution

Field-proven, validated cloud integrated time collection hosted in the Amazon AWS Cloud.

Union Rule Processing

Process complex union rules and labor compliance with modular automations.

Employee Data Security

Best-in-class encrypted, secure, and third-party certified employee data protection.

Industry-Leading Time Collection

Best-in-class employee data collection processes from time collection to payroll processing.

TimeClock Plus Enterprise Grade Time Collection

Through various secure and reliable time collection devices, such as the RDTg biometric clocks, mobile applications, and others, our workforce management software seamlessly transfers accurate employee hour data directly into the database of your ERP solution.

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Collect and transmit employee data securely to your ERP system.

Complete your time and labor strategy and complement the power of your existing ERP investment by adding the data collection capabilities of TimeClock Plus Direct (TCP Direct) hosted in the Amazon AWS Cloud.

Validated TCP Direct adapters offer a seamless, bi-directional integration for mapping employee demographic data, schedules, and more from your existing ERP into TimeClock Plus v7. Using our industry-grade time collection devices, including biometric or RFID time clocks, mobile applications, or a web browser, your organization can track employee hours in real time and feed calculated or raw time data directly into your ERP for payroll processing.

Not seeing your ERP system listed below? We can build a custom integration for you or adapt an integration solution tailored your needs.

PeopleSoft Time and Labor Seamless Integration – An Oracle Company

TimeClock Plus Direct automates, validates, and integrates mission-critical workforce data with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Time and Labor. TimeClock Plus Direct offers a diverse array of data collection methods including badges, biometrics, touch-screen kiosks, mobile and wireless devices, and telephone/IVR collection to fit your organization’s unique needs. With TimeClock Plus Direct for PeopleSoft Time and Labor, you can automate the collection of time and attendance information and then integrate that data with PeopleSoft Time and Labor for processing.

Oracle Peoplesoft Time and Labor Integration
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Product features include:

  • The streamlined entry of labor data through an intuitive user interface
  • Advanced security and role-based system access
  • Integration that passes Oracle’s stringent integration standards
  • Scalable and flexible to meet the exacting requirements of large and diverse organizations

Workday Seamless Integration

TimeClock Plus Direct for Workday Time Tracking is a comprehensive and flexible data collection solution that seamlessly connects our menu of time gathering devices to your Workday system - helping you to better manage labor costs, reduce compliance risk, streamline existing business processes, and improve workforce productivity - all while leveraging your existing investment in the Workday system. A variety of time collection devices can be used including:

Workday Seamless Integration
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Product features include:

  • Badge-based terminals
  • Biometric terminals
  • Touch-screen kiosks
  • Mobile and wireless devices
  • Telephone/IVR collection

Data from the Workday system is also pulled into TimeClock Plus through published Workday APIs and is available for validation purposes at the time clock terminals, making them valuable extensions of your Workday system.

Data Security in a Zero Trust Environment

The IBM Security: Examining the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach report estimates that the average data breach costs companies $3.9 million and takes 69 days to contain. Learn more in this document.

Oracle Time & Labor - An Oracle Company

TimeClock Plus Direct for Oracle Time & Labor is a scalable, enterprise-class, time capture solution designed to integrate various time collection devices with Oracle Time & Labor. Data gathering methods include badge based terminals, biometrics terminals, mobile applications, tablet kiosks, PC/Web Entry, and telephone/IVR collection. TCP Direct allows your organizations to efficiently collect, validate, and process workforce time and labor information while optimizing your Oracle investment.

Oracle Time and Labor
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Product features include:

  • Manages punch pairs in Oracle Time & Labor for real-time visibility of punches on the Oracle timesheet
  • Available as either Cloud or On-Premise deployments
  • Touch-screen kiosks
  • TimeClock Plus is an Oracle Gold Partner

HCM Cloud Global Human Resources – An Oracle Company

TimeClock Plus Direct is a scalable, enterprise-grade time collection solution designed to integrate various time collection devices with HCM Cloud Time & Labor allowing organizations like yours collect, validate, and process workforce time information all from your Oracle investment. The solution is a cloud-to-cloud integration which collects employee clock punches and forwards these as time entries into employee time cards in the HCM Cloud Time & Labor application. With TCP Direct, you can automate the collection of time and attendance information and quickly and efficiently process employee data.

TimeClock Plus Direct HCM Cloud Global Receivers
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TimeClock Plus Direct receives the following employee validation data exported from Oracle HCM Cloud Global Human Resources:

  • Employee information, including badge ids (if held in Oracle HCM Cloud application)
  • Payroll Time Type selections
  • Schedule information
  • Other potential time entry attributes to be collected from employees and included on the HCM Cloud export
TimeClock Plus Direct HCM Cloud Global Senders
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TimeClock Plus Direct sends the following time event data to Oracle HCM Cloud Time and Labor for entry in the employee's Time Card:

  • Time entry type (clock in, clock out)
  • Payroll Time type attribute
  • Other potential time entry attributes collected from employees during their punch operation

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