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Time & Attendance with TimeClock Plus v7

Learn More About What Makes TimeClock Plus Different

Our Story

Building on the early successes of companies like IBM and Hewlett-Packard, Data Management, Inc. was founded in 1988 as a developer of business software.


The Beginning

Restaurateur and entrepreneur Jorge Ellis started Data Management, Inc., or DMI as we were affectionately known, to solve the complex business application needs for the restaurant industry.


Version 1.0

DMI’s software offering expanded and TimeClock Plus Version 1.0 was born.


Hardware Integration

DMI built their first time clock hardware for integration with TimeClock Plus, creating the industries only real-time option for time and attendance.


Windows Release

TimeClock Plus for Windows is released.



With the success of TimeClock Plus 2.0 and the upcoming release of version 3.0, DMI is more commonly known as TimeClock Plus.



TimeClock Plus is named the Texas Small Business of the Year in recognition of its growth and innovation.


Microsoft SQL

TimeClock Plus adopts SQL and releases Version 5.0 with the new database structure.


Deloitte Fast 500

TimeClock Plus’s rapid growth earns it a spot in the Deloitte Fast 500.


Becomes Web-Based

TimeClock Plus Web 3.0 is developed as a browser-based Time and Attendance UI.



TimeClock Plus adds Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings with Web 3.0


We're Growing

TimeClock Plus outgrows their offices and moves into a new 24,000 square feet facility with all departments under one roof.


SaaS optimized

TimeClock Plus v7 is released as the first SaaS optimized version.


We're Growing Again!

TimeClock Plus outgrows their offices again and adds an additional 65,000 square feet facility to house their team.


Best Place To Work

TimeClock Plus is named to Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Places to Work and Top 40 Places to Work in Technology.


60,000 Customers Strong

TimeClock Plus protects payroll for over 60,000 customers globally while remaining true to the mission of developing great products that help people.


Hear From Our Customers

With a constantly evolving education system, administrators don’t have time to kid around with their payroll system. To find a flexible, customizable timekeeping solution, McKinney ISD partnered with TimeClock Plus to eliminate inconsistencies and accomplish efficiency. A personable and reliable service team sealed the deal with in-person installation and training, all while meeting tight deadlines.

Recology required a solution that enabled their managers to focus more on supervising their talent and waste less time on paperwork. TimeClock Plus v7 allowed them to do just that with a system that ensures compliance and captures every process, rule and exception. Recology was able to get back to overseeing processes and toss those old paper time sheets into the recycle bin.

A company devoted to caring for and serving their community needs a partnership that holds the same values. TimeClock Plus stepped up to the plate with not only a commitment to accuracy, but also a standard of care unlike any other. By giving West Texas Lighthouse for the Blind the ability to track labor easily for their organization, TimeClock Plus v7 enabled them to make strategic make decisions about projects and focus on what truly matters: their employees’ needs.

Case Studies

Decatur Public Schools

With TimeClock Plus’ fully integrated, reliable time and attendance solution, Decatur Public Schools were able to seamlessly sync with Infinite Visions for payroll, and utilize fully integrated biometric time clocks that streamlined employee productivity.

Stephen F. Austin State University

Prior to switching to TimeClock Plus, their previous payroll process was labor intensive and riddled with inefficiencies that hindered auditing, created opportunities for data entry error and often resulted in unnecessary comp time accrual.

Security Overview

TimeClock Plus is an industry leading time and attendance solution provider. In time and attendance, accuracy is everything. Anything less can result in problems with payroll, upset employees, ruined credibility with HR and the C-suite, and even wage-and-labor noncompliance penalties. Accurate time and attendance demands technology that ensures compliance and captures every process, rule, and exception. It also requires flexibility and personalization to account for your unique needs. It demands a partner with not only the expertise, but also a shared desire to make your entire payroll system work flawlessly — for you and your people. Since 1988, TimeClock Plus has been on a mission to take care of people — not businesses, not time clocks, not even payroll. People. We go above and beyond because we want to protect our people, our customers, and anyone who’s impacted by our business. Today, over sixty thousands customers in more than a dozen countries use TimeClock Plus’s software, hardware, services, and support to transform the way they track employee time and attendance. The TimeClock Plus products are offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, hosted in the TCP Cloud. These solutions are available to customers through purpose-built web applications, application programming interfaces (APIs), hardware terminals, and mobile applications.

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