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Header OvalAbsence Management with TimeClock Plus v7
Time Off of Work Without All of the Work

Absence Management

Eliminate paperwork related to leave requests with automated absence management. Employees request time off right from any of our time collection devices. Managers are able to efficiently track accruals, manage PTO and approve employee leave requests. Vacation and holiday tracking is made simple, and the time consuming task of approving/denying time off requests becomes quick and easy using TimeClock Plus®.

The TimeClock Plus v7 Absence Management Process

Absence Management Process

Absence Management Process - The Plan
The Plan

Before requesting time off, an employee can view their accruals in their time collection device.

The Request

Next, to create an employee leave request, one simply selects the available date(s) and fills out a request template created by management.

After an employee submits a leave request, a manager is immediately notified with a message.

Absence Management Process - The Request
Absence Management Process - The Status
The Status

Managers receive leave request notifications through the Dashboard right away. It will display the request on the Pending Time Off Request Widget.

The Approval

To complete the approval process, a Manager can use either Request Manager or the Pending Time Off Request widget from their Dashboard. From here, a Manager will simply approve or deny the leave request and an automated message will be sent directly to the employee.

Absence Management Process - The Approval
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