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Time & Attendance Solutions for Logistics

TimeClock Plus Carries the Load

Workforce Management for Logistics

From drivers and warehouse workers to office managers and sales personnel, accurately track the time and attendance of your diverse workforce.

Whether your operation is large or small, TimeClock Plus can equip your company with complete and scalable solutions needed to effectively manage your labor costs, increase productivity, and mitigate labor regulation non-compliance risk. Deployable as a self-hosted solution, On-Premise, or cloud-based, On Demand, customize TimeClock Plus to fit the needs of your company and employees.

With features like automated time collection, advanced scheduling, and robust reporting, our suite of products gives your company a complete solution to increase efficiency and optimize workforce production. Bidirectional integration with ERP systems allows your company to maintain a single source of record, tracking employee attendance, qualifications, and assisting with the payroll process.

Time Collection for Logistics

Eliminate inaccurate, time-consuming paper timesheets with automated time collection to ensure efficient, real-time, and accurate employee information. Our industrial grade clocks are built to withstand the busy nature of a distribution warehouse environment. In addition to our terminals, deploy various time collection methods such as WebClock for office personnel and Mobile Clock for drivers, providing a quick and easy way for all employees to perform clocking operations and self-service functions.

Information collected in the clock is seamlessly transferred to the TimeClock database for instant retrieval by managers and employees enabling them to make smart workforce decisions controlling costs of labor, mitigating non-compliance risk, and maximizing productivity.

Legal Compliance for Logistics

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a healthcare reform affecting employers with 50 or more full-time employees throughout the calendar year. The ACA requires employers to offer health coverage to their full-time employees, and failure to adhere to the ACA will result in fines and audits.

The Benefit Status Monitor for TimeClock Plus v7 alleviates the stress associated with tracking part-time, full-time, and "variable hour" employees and automatically notifies managers as an employee approaches their hourly threshold. This real-time information allows your management team to schedule employess to ensure ACA compliance effectively.

The Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is an act that affects eligible employees in both the public and private sectors. FMLA enables eligible employees to take unpaid, job-protected leave for qualifying family or medical reasons.

From the second your employees submit a request for FMLA leave through the WebClock or terminal, efficiently track customized FMLA leave cases in a streamlined, user-friendly process. The FMLA Module for TimeClock Plus v7 ensures accurate FMLA leave tracking, correct documentation is submitted, and forecasting when the employee with return to work.

Varying shifts paired with diverse pay rates can be tedious to track manually. Mitigate the risk of FLSA non-compliance with automated time collection and customizable tools that allow your company to calculate overtime to specific regulatory standards. TimeClock Plus gives your administrators the power to make time-sensitive labor force decisions that can effectively manage employee overtime with real-time, actionable employee data.
Compliance with FMCSA regulations is crucial in maintaining safety for both CDL drivers and others on the road. Tracking driver certification, licenses, and hours can be time-consuming for operations with an extensive team. TimeClock Plus provides the outlets and real-time information needed to monitor qualifications of your employees and ensure all drivers are up-to-date with CMV and CDL certifications. In addition to tracking these certifications, TimeClock Plus allows your managers to track the HOS of drivers out on the road and receive notifications when drivers enter their hourly threshold.
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