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SubSearch Plus, Built to Support Educators

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

SubSearch Plus. Simple. All-in-One. Substitute Management.



San Angelo, TX

TimeClock Plus announced today the release of their newest product offering SubSearch Plus, a purpose-built application for supporting educators in identifying qualified substitutes to improve classroom coverage. Historically, school administrators and teachers have urgently worked through call trees or fumbled through overly-complicated applications in a best-effort to identify acceptable substitutes who are available on a specific day and specific time - often with little notice. These cumbersome processes often leave teachers and administrators struggling to balance operational and educational demands, diminishing the effectiveness of the education environment.

SubSearch Plus by TimeClock Plus is seamlessly integrated into the v7 platform to keep time and attendance, contracts and accruals, leave management, substitute management, and much more, in one single software suite. TimeClock Plus worked directly with school districts and beta-testers to develop a best-in-class, automated solution to address the complex substitute management concerns of schools.

“Diboll ISD has been working with TimeClock Plus for many years, and we are proud to use a vendor that cares about its users,” said Lacey Chandler of Diboll ISD. “SubSearch Plus will be a great addition to TimeClock Plus’s diverse offerings and assist with the burdensome process of substitute management.”


How it Works

SubSearch Plus enables teachers to manage substitute requests using TimeClock Plus v7’s leave management features.  With just a few clicks on a computer or mobile app, teachers and administrators can easily request qualified substitutes from one application with highly-configurable automated offers. Teachers, administrators and substitutes are all on the same page with 3-way notifications to ensure classrooms are covered. Teachers who need specialized substitute coverage can use preferred substitute lists and sub qualifications to select the right substitute with the right skills to keep the curriculum moving forward even while the teacher is away.


About TimeClock Plus

In time and attendance, accuracy is everything. Inaccurate payroll can result in lost trust with employees, problems with human resources, and even wage and labor penalties. TimeClock Plus provides you the tools and technology needed to pay your people accurately and on time while maintaining labor compliance. For more than 30 years, we have served one purpose - to protect our customers, our team, and all of those impacted by our business. Today, we serve more than 4,500 school districts across the country, who trust us to track employee time and reduce the workload on administrators. To find out more about SubSearch Plus, please contact one of our Solutions Consultants and see how we can help you or visit our website to find out more. 


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