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Bar Code, Magnetic, Proximity Card Readers

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Make clocking in as simple as possible with our card swipe time clock options. Whether it’s a bar code, magnetic strip, or RFID proximity card, TimeClock Plus makes it a breeze for employees to simply swipe in and out with Quick Punch.

Already using employee cards for identification or door access? No problem! Let the team of experts at TimeClock Plus match your existing credentials with the right clocking terminal. Give us a call today at 800-749-8463.

Each clock has its own specifications, but the process is the same. The clock is hung on your wall and is connected to the server. Your employees simply walk up to the clock, swipe their card, and press clock in or clock out, or whatever operation they need. That’s all there is to it.

The time clock is connected in real-time to the database so when Becky clocks in, her information is written directly to the program. You can then run labor reports, view current employee status and more all from your computer.

There’s no polling or downloading from the clock. Not only does it make it easier for you to manage, it’s really just a better way to track hours. Many of our clients tell us, “It’s not if it happens, it’s when it happens. Sooner or later you lose data in a transfer.” And doesn’t that always happen right before payroll? How about eliminating those worries and use real time instead?

Diagram that shows how card swipe time clocks can be used on your network.

Take a look at the different options to see what will work best in your organization. Or better yet, give us a call - our sales reps can help you too.

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