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In addition to an intuitive WebClock, the TimeClock Plus RDTg provides an alternative to PC clocking with a clock on the wall. The RDTg Touch is a highly intelligent addition to our industry-leading concept of real-time labor tracking featuring a new touch-screen interface. The 400 Series RDTg features Fallback Mode to seamlessly allow employees to continue to perform clock transactions during network downtime. To learn more about how the RDTg can work for you, contact an Account Executive today at 800-749-8463.

PIN Entry Time Clocks

RDTg touch pin entry

Sure, you can find other time clocks in the market, but not like ours. Our time clocks are built to last and we back it up with a full one year parts and labor warranty. Don’t accept anything less! Our RDTg touch and non-touch PIN entry time clocks allow your employees to clock in and out by entering their TimeClock Plus employee ID. All they’ll do is go to the clock, enter their ID, and press Clock in. All the employee punches are already written to the database. You don’t have to upload anything or download anything. Pretty simple, huh?

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Card Swipe Time Clocks

Make clocking in as simple as possible with our card swipe time clock options. Whether it’s a bar code, magnetic strip, or RFID proximity card, TimeClock Plus makes it a breeze for employees to simply swipe in and out with Quick Punch.

Already using employee cards for identification or door access? No problem! Let the team of experts at TimeClock Plus match your existing credentials with the right clocking terminal. Give us a call today at 800-749-8463.

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RDTg with a card reader

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Biometric Time Clocks

RDTg with fingerprint reader

When you combine our TimeClock Plus® software – any version – with biometric verification, the age-old problem of employees clocking each other in, a costly occurrence sometimes referred to in the workplace as "buddy punching" is virtually eliminated. Biometrics provide verification of the identity of each employee performing a clock transaction reducing such time theft normally allowed by the exchange of traditional badges or pin numbers.

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Hand Recognition Time Clocks

The GT is suitable for a wide range of office, medical, and industrial environments. Some of the new features include the expanded anti-microbial infused platen, custom keypad and function keys, an improved 3.8 inch QVGA display for clearly defined employee prompts/messages, and a sealed optical reader path for the toughest/dirtiest time clock environments. All GTs are Ethernet compatible for a seamless integration into your existing network.

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Allow your employees to call a phone number to clock in


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