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We take great pride in offering flexible time clock solutions to fit any business type. That flexibility begins with determining the type of communication that’s right for your organization. Some of the questions you’ll need to answer include:

How will your clock connect to the TimeClock Plus software?

How do you want your clock to connect to your network?

Understanding basic connectivity alternatives may help you answer these questions. Let’s take a look at the options of Ethernet or Wireless.


Ethernet communication allows the time clock (RDTg or Hand Scanner) to be configured with an IP address and connected to a drop on your network. This allows the TimeClock Plus server to run on any machine within your network. This also allows you to remotely communicate with your clocks through your WAN or the Internet!


Our clocks have the ability to be configured with wireless technology so that you can connect to your wireless network. This allows for you to conveniently place your time clock anywhere you want (within your wireless network cloud) without the need for an Ethernet drop!

Diagram that shows how wireless time clocks can be used on your network.

If you have further questions or just want to talk it through with someone, give us a call at 1-800-749-8463.

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