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RDTg 300 and 400 Series Terminals

Our RDTg 300 and 400 Series terminals set a new benchmark for workforce labor tracking. Designed for a wide range of demanding environments, the RDTg provides extensive flexibility and convenience for employees.

As a true extension of the computer hosting TimeClock Plus®, the RDTg is completely interactive and operates in true undelayed real-time. Employee time keeping transactions are not stored at the time clock, but written directly to TimeClock Plus' SQL database, as they happen. This means, when an employee clocks in using any RDTg 300 or 400 Series terminal, all the business intelligence of TimeClock Plus which is hosted on the server controls that transaction.

The 300 Series Advantage?

Employee restrictions such as schedule limits, overtime limits, etc., are enforced in real-time, and prevent the time consuming exceptions typically realized at the end of the pay period with conventional polling, "store and forward" clocks. In true real-time, one second after an employee clocks in, any person on the network with proper authorization can view the fact that the employee has just clocked in.

This direct interaction with the database ensures that your employee information is protected appropriately within the confines of your network server. Management enjoys the availability of true, 'up-to-the-second' on screen or hard copy information required to accurately control labor costs in today's hectic workplace. Also, under real-time clock operation, there is no threat of lost data during power failures as with many stand-alone devices. The RDTg can be desk or wall mounted in an area easily accessible to all employees, allowing them to perform any necessary time clock transaction, without having physical access to a computer. Available in many models, RDTg's are highly flexible to meet any business' needs.

The 400 Series Advantage?

Our 400 Series terminal is a highly intelligent addition to our industry leading concept of real-time time labor tracking, and it removes all the pre-conceived barriers to the deployment of real-time labor tracking. Network downtime causing the disruption of employee time and attendance tracking is no longer a concern.

It boasts the ability to function in both online and offline modes.  This means that in the event that normal real-time communication between the RDTg and its host is lost, the 400 Series will begin taking steps to correct that state. If unsuccessful, it will automatically begin accepting transactions in offline mode, and will continue to do so until it recognizes the connection has been reestablished. At that point, all punches collected will be immediately delivered to the TimeClock Plus database, and those records will be flagged as offline punches for tracking purposes.

Depending on configuration, each RDTg allows employees to:

  • Clock in and out of each shift
  • Go on break during a shift
  • Choose/change departments during a shift
  • Choose/change tasks worked during a shift
  • Receive personal messages from management
  • Track multiple shifts each day
  • View hours for any pay period
  • View hours this shift
  • View schedule this period & next
  • Receive management's global messages

Choose the configuration that best fits your needs:

  • Basic Pin Punch
  • Magnetic Badges
  • Bar Code Badges
  • Fingerprint Biometrics
  • Proximity Badges
  • Digital Output (for bells or door access)
  • Hand Biometrics

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