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TelClock with TCP Cloud

Telephone Based Time and Attendance in the Cloud

A telephone call-in based time and attendance solution, TelClock provides employers with the ability to have employees clock in and out and perform other clock transactions from any supported telephone. Whether using the office desk phone or a cell phone, TelClock affords employee flexibility to clock in and out without a centralized clock while empowering management with real-time labor reporting.

When combined with the power of the TCP Cloud all of the hardware maintenance and configuration is handled by the experts at TimeClock Plus! TelClock becomes the ideal system for home service and installation technicians, home health providers, housekeeping and maintenance staff, delivery personnel and other employees who are on the move and need to track their time from remote locations.

Image showing TelClock in the cloud.

Your employees will be provided with a phone number to dial and follow simple prompts to clock in, review hours and more. The employees' punches are recorded directly to the database from wherever they are, in real-time giving management or supervisors valuable up-to-the-second information as to the status of a remote workforce.

Low costs, clock in from any phone.

TimeClock Plus TelClock Features:

Several operations can be performed using TelClock:
  • Clock in
  • Clock out
  • Go on break
  • Tracked field entry
  • Change job code
  • Missed punches
  • Rounding
  • Restrictions
  • Hear server time
  • Hear last punch
  • Substitute module
  • Job Costing Module

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