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Affordable Care Act

How TimeClock Plus Can Give You Tools To Prepare

With the major provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act set to take effect in 2015, are you sure your company is ready to meet this compliance head-on? Miscalculating the number of your eligible "variable hour" employees could be a costly mistake that your company wouldn’t want to make. A business that employs fifty full-time employees could face penalties and fees of $40,000 or more while still left with the task to determine which employees need coverage.

This can involve hours of manual calculation to determine if part-time employees are eligible for coverage thus over-burdening those in charge of your benefits administration. However, companies that use TimeClock Plus for their time and attendance needs can virtually eliminate the additional manual paperwork and significantly reduce the risk of non-compliance with the TCP Benefit Status Monitor.

As an add-on to TimeClock Plus, the Benefit Status Monitor allows you to instantly generate reports and receive tiered notifications on how many hours your part-time employees have worked or are currently working. The cumulative hour feature allows managers to see how many hours over or under a part-time employee has worked across the measurement period, allowing you to make real-time staffing solutions to accommodate the unique needs of your business. Not only will it be easier than ever to make sure employees are working the hours they are supposed to, but the increased flexibility in "part-time" employee scheduling provides an additional immediate return on investment.

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The Benefit Status Monitor is a critical tool for your company in this incredibly complex transition period to ACA compliance that can save you the time, money, and the administrative manpower needed to run a successful business. With the transition to ACA compliance looming, you can rely on TimeClock Plus to help you focus on doing business, not paperwork.

For more information about the Benefit Status Monitor for TimeClock Plus, contact your sales representative or call 1 (800) 749-8463.

TimeClock Plus does not provide tax or legal advice. The regulations are constantly changing and we encourage you to consult your tax or legal counsel for advice specific to your organization.

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