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TimeClock Manager - Adding or Editing Employees

Employee Profiles allow managers to add and edit employee information. It is also where job codes are assigned to each employee.

Offering an intuitive design, the ability to assign employees to a specific profile creates a flexible and dynamic approach when organizations need to change job functions for staff. Employees appear on the left-hand side of the screen as specific employees, or a different range can be set using the filter button. Employees can also be filtered by typing a name or number into the search bar. The list can also be sorted by several methods in ascending or descending order by hovering over the Sort button and selecting a method.

v7 Employee Profiles
"OpenSort" Criteria:
  • Employee ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Class
  • Badge
  • Export Code

Once an employee is selected, his employee information appear in the header bar. This bar shows some basic information about the employee, such as their name, ID, Manager, Department, Default Rate, and Job Code.

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