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Our most feature-rich solution for organizations of any size

With advanced security and role-based access, the solution can be configured to meet the requirements of most any user type. Flexible dashboards and powerful reports provide users with actionable information for better, more timely decisions. TimeClock Plus Enterprise Edition has the features that you will need for organizations with 5000 employees or more. Enterprise offers more than just features - it is a combination of our timekeeping expertise and feedback from thousands of client organizations.


The Enterprise Edition is scalable to fit the needs of any organization. From a neighborhood clinic with three employees, to a conglomerate with thousands of employees spread across the country, TimeClock Plus Enterprise Edition is the right solution for any organization that wants the best solution in workforce management.


See all of your most important labor and attendance information on a single screen. With Enterprise Edition, you can create your own widgets for approaching overtime, absences, tardies, missed punches, birthdays, anniversaries, time off requests, and more. Let the TimeClock Plus v7 Dashboard be the window to your workforce, allowing you to clear tasks from your to-do list with a single click.


Group Hours

Employee time cards are collected in a single view where supervisors can review, approve, and edit time with ease. Audit logs and shift notes can also be reviewed from the Group Hours screen.


Employee Status

Employee Status is a nifty management tool that allows management to have a real-time snapshot of who is currently clocked in, clocked out, on break (and for how long), on leave, and absent, along with an up-to-the-minute calculation of current hours for the day and week.



Your managers can view/create schedules for individual employees, or view/create a complete company-wide schedule to apply to multiple employees. Each schedule can then be used by TimeClock Manager to monitor and restrict clock in/out operations or as a reference point when reporting tardies and absences. Reports (like the Schedule vs. Actual Hours report) allow managers to view what the employee was scheduled to work versus what the employee actually worked. Scheduler also helps forecast hourly labor cost and labor cost as a percentage of sales.


Employee Time Entry

Some companies have employees that are unable to reach a PC to clock in and out. For those companies, we can provide a clock device we call the Remote Data Terminal (RDT). The RDT can be a PIN Entry clock where employees can simply enter a Personal Identification Number or it can be equipped with a:

  • Magnetic Card Reader
  • Proximity Reader
  • Bar Card Reader
  • Fingerprint Reader

Employee time entry is kept simple at both the PC level and Remote Data Terminal level. Employees perform clock operations using the WebClock from the convenience of their own computer. Many employee self-service options are also available from the WebClock.

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