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With users making changes (adding, editing, and deleting hours) there is a pressing need for accountability. Hour Audit Log meets that need. Managers may choose a date range, click refresh, and receive a list of every change. This information may be printed to hard copy, saved to HTML, or exported to a file that can be viewed in another application such as Microsoft Excel.

The Hour Audit Log provides a wealth of information, including the date and time of the change, the computer name and user login that made the change, the screen where the change was made, and much more. The original record will also appear (with the time in, time out, job code, etc.) along with the new record. The log will highlight any changes made in red.

v7 Hour Audit Log
By default, the Hour Edit Log will include changes made by all users, and from all screens in the TimeClock Manager application, but options are available to only display changes made by a selected user and/or changes made from a selected screen. The Hour Edit Log will include every employee with hours that were changed, but a Criteria option has been provided in case the user wishes to only see changes made to a single employee or select group. There is also an option to only show employees who have more than a definable number of changes

With Professional Edition, when an employee shift record is manually edited, a permanent record of the changes and who changed them is logged, and creates an audit trail. This record is added to the Hour Edit Log and cannot be purged or modified.

One can view or report edit history for a particular employee, location, or supervisor.

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