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Exporting Payroll Information, streamlining the payroll process

TimeClock Manager - Payroll Export

TimeClock Plus® includes the ability to export hours and other fields of information to a file which, depending on the format, may be viewed in another application such as Microsoft Excel, or imported into a payroll application such as QuickBooks. Once configured, the process of exporting is as simple as selecting the dates you wish to export and clicking “process” to begin exporting your hours.

The ability to quickly move hours from a time and attendance system to a payroll package is extremely important, and TimeClock Plus® offers export modules to do just that. Each module is written to the specifications of different payroll applications, allowing you to export hours to a file, which can then be imported into payroll.

v7 Period Export

By default, information exported will include all employees to which the user performing the export has access, however, it is also possible to export hours for a single employee or a selected group. There is also an option to sort the employees in many possible ways (such as by employee number, last name, or department). Many of the export formats will export the total hours worked for each employee or, if enabled, break the hours down by the job code worked or by the hourly rate earned.

With TimeClock Plus®, employee time can be electronically transferred into several payroll packages.

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