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Fast, Flexible, and Cost Effective

TimeClock Plus Professional is the culmination of nearly three decades of expertise in workforce management. Payroll preparations, audit-ready reporting, and labor costs shouldn't be rocket science. Instead, TimeClock Plus Professional gives you all these and more with rocket speed and fewer clicks to actionable items.

Whatever the task, TimeClock Plus Professional allows you to manage in the moment and get back to the work you love.

The Window To Your Workforce

The new TimeClock Plus v7 Dashboard showcases all of your most important information in one place. Personalized and prioritized, TimeClock Plus v7 is a time and attendance solution designed for you and by you. Quickly access timeclock exceptions, employee events, and reminders on the fly, all in a beautiful new interface that makes it easier than ever to manage what matters. With one-click actions for your business-critical tasks, the v7 Dashboard will become the window to your workforce.

Employee Time Entry

Some companies have employees that are unable to reach a PC to clock in and out. For those companies, we can provide a clock device we call the Remote Data Terminal (RDT). The RDT can be a PIN Entry clock where employees can simply enter a Personal Identification Number or it can be equipped with a:

  • Magnetic Card Reader
  • Proximity Reader
  • Bar Card Reader
  • Fingerprint Reader

Employee time entry is kept simple at both the PC level and Remote Data Terminal level. Employees perform clock and self-service operations using the WebClock from the convenience of their own computer.


Advanced Dashboard

See all of your most important labor and attendance information on a single screen. Create your own widgets for approaching overtime, absences, tardies, and more.


Accruals are used to maintain a balance of time that an employee earns, typically for any type of leave (e.g. vacation, sick, or comp time).

Expanded Scheduling

View/create schedules for individuals, or a company-wide schedule. Scheduler can be used to help forecast hourly labor cost and labor cost as a percentage of sales.

Request Manager

View and approve time-off requests submitted through either the WebClock on a Remote Data Terminal. Time-off requests can even be manually added through this feature.

Global Modification

Make mass changes to multiple employees or roles at one time. Choose which employees or roles are included in the modification, and what information is being changed.

Advanced Overtime

Track and report 11 different types of employee overtime. Includes 6th\7th Consecutive Day and Holidays.

Employee Status

Monitor and manage employee time and attendance in real time. See who is clocked in, for how long and under what job code. Clock in/out or switch job codes for single or multiple employees.

Missed Punches

Respond in one of four ways to a missed punch: deny the clock operation, record a blank time, record the scheduled time, or allow the individual to enter the missed time.

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