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Scheduling Employee Hours

TimeClock Scheduler™

TimeClock Scheduler™ provides scheduling capabilities that allow management to create/view/edit an individual schedules, or a complete weekly schedule. Once created, schedules are used by TimeClock Manager to monitor and restrict clock in/clock out attempts depending on the level of control and criteria desired. Schedules are also used by TimeClock Manager as the basis for tardies and absences.

TimeClock Scheduler allows management to create schedules for each employee in order to manage operations, track tardy and absent activity, enforce schedule restrictions which prevent early and late clock operations. Authorized managers can override the restriction, and round the actual time to the employee’s scheduled time. Employee availability may also be defined to prevent other managers from scheduling someone who will not be available.

Schedule requests may be submitted by employees and reviewed by a manager in TimeClock Scheduler. These requests allow the employee to ask for specified changes to a date or date range (for example, vacation time, a longer lunch or early clock out for a doctor’s appointment).

Scheduled hours for a specific job code may also be transferred from TimeClock Scheduler to the employee’s actual hours in TimeClock Manager. This is helpful when transferring, for example, vacation or holiday hours for several employees at a time.

TimeClock Scheduler also offers the ability to forecast Labor Cost and Labor Cost as a Percentage of Sales, track Tardiness and Absenteeism, and generate a Scheduled vs. Actual Hours report to help forecast and manage future schedules.

Management may also import/export to and from the schedule and drag & drop shifts as needed.

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