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“Completing your Time Tracking Strategy”

TimeClock Plus Direct for Workday Time Tracking is a comprehensive and flexible data collection solution that seamlessly connects various time gathering devices to your Workday system - helping you to better manage labor costs, reduce compliance risk, streamline existing business processes and improve workforce productivity – all while leveraging your existing investment in the Workday system. A variety of time collection devices can be used including badge-based terminals, biometrics, mobile/tablet, PC/web entry, and telephone/IVR. Data from the Workday system is also brought down through published Workday APIs and available for validation purposes at the time collection devices enabling them to become a valuable extensions of your Workday system.

The TimeClock Plus Direct solution offers best-of breed technology for delivering enterprise-class data to the right hands enabling organizations across a wide-range of industries to more effectively manage, engage and deploy their workforce. TimeClock Plus delivers an integrated Cloud solution employing the latest security measures to ensure efficient and safe communication of data between Workday Time Tracking and your choice of time collection devices.

How Does It Work?

Our innovative and flexible time collection solution is propose-built to operate with Workday Time Tracking and can result in substantial savings by increasing efficiency, streamlining business processes and improving workforce productivity.

TimeClock Plus Direct leverages Workday’s published APIs; Get_Workers API for bringing employee demographic data into Time Tracking and Put_Time_Clock_Events API for exporting punch data.


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