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Employee Status is essentially a dashboard that provides a snapshot of the vital signs for your entire organization's workforce. With TimeClock Plus®, real-time labor tracking is made evident through the use of tools, such as the Employee Status list. Employees are listed, in the order of your preference, showing who has checked into their respective departments in up-to-the-second detail, at any time during the pay period.

v7 Employee Status Monitor

Managers using the Employee Status list are restricted to viewing only those employees assigned by the TimeClock Plus administrator. Using the Criteria filter, the resulting information can be focused on a limited group of employees.

By choosing convenient tabs along the top of the tool, managers can view:
  • Employees who are clocked in
  • Employees who are on break
  • Employees who have been clocked out automatically
  • Employees who have not yet clocked in
  • The last punch performed by any company employee
  • Each employee's total hours for the day and total hours for the week
  • Shows employees who are currently taking leave time

When TimeClock Scheduler is utilized, the Employee Status list shows absentees at a glance.

Using the Employee Status utility as a result of employee absence or other reasons, managers can control overtime by calling in employees who have hours to work without nearing overtime.

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