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Time & Attendance Solutions for Retail

Revenue vs. Labor Shouldn't be a Battle

Workforce Management for Retail

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for most retailers, cost of labor is the largest overhead expense.

A large contributor to the cost of labor is accumulated overtime and inefficient workforce management. TimeClock Plus provides your management team with the tools to not only efficiently control costs of labor but also maximize productivity to provide the experience your customers demand.

With overlapping shifts across multiple locations easily track your diverse workforce with a unified, automated, user-friendly solution. Access to real-time and accurate data allows managers to make quick, time-sensitive decisions to fit the needs of your business and your customers.

When managing your associates, finding the balance between their needs and the needs of the company helps maintain employee satisfaction and retention. The Advanced Scheduler allows management to efficiently schedule employees to maximize productivity while giving your employees the flexibility to manage their schedules.

Labor Costing for Retail

Recent studies by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that one of the largest expenses for retail companies is labor costs. With the Labor Cost Module for TimeClock Plus v7, track your labor cost in real-time to maintain an up-to-date overview of the efficiency of your workforce.

This utility shows labor percentages for both hours worked and hours scheduled. These percentages are calculated by comparing estimated wages versus total sales. They can be viewed by a set date range, daily, and even by employee or job code.

Labor Costing for Retail Screenshot

Better Data Means Better Decisions.

View the robust labor cost report to determine how efficiently your operation is running. This information gives workforce insight to managers allowing them to properly staff employees to meet the demand of customers, needs of the company, and to control cost of labor.

Advanced Scheduler for Retail

Advanced Scheduler for TimeClock Plus provides a robust solution for scheduling your entire workforce. Flexible to fit the needs of every location, Advanced Scheduler provides both your employees and supervisors the ability to efficiently create, view, and modify schedules.

Schedules created in a spreadsheet and posted on the breakroom bulletin board can be dated, unreliable, and a burden to access. Advanced Scheduler allows employees to access up-to-date schedule information and quickly drop, swap, or pick up shifts directly from the WebClock or clock terminals.

Time Collection for Retail

TimeClock Plus provides retailers with an automated time and attendance solution that can be built to the unique needs of each department and location. Whether you operate a local storefront or have locations nationwide, this level of customization creates a unified time-collecting experience throughout your entire company. Whether you are using WebClock or wall terminals you can rest assured that you will have quick, accurate, and streamlined time collection across the board.

In addition to clocking operations, employees are able to perform self-service functions directly from the clock. Information gathered is seamlessly transferred to the TimeClock Plus database for instant retrieval, by employees and managers to make smart, time-sensitive workforce decisions to control cost of labor, mitigate risk of non-compliance, and increase productivity.

Legal Compliance for Retail

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a health care reform affecting employers with 50 or more full-time employees throughout the calendar year. The ACA requires employers to offer health coverage to their full-time employees, and failure to adhere to the ACA will result in fines and audits.

The Benefit Status Monitor for TimeClock Plus v7 gives managers a real-time snapshot of employee's status. Managers receive notifications when an employee is entering their hourly threshold to ensure that employees maintain their part-time or full-time hourly status. This utility is especially beneficial for tracking the status of your variable hour employees. Ensure your company properly offers benefits to those employees who qualify.

For larger workforces, the FMLA Module for TimeClock Plus v7 provides an automated solution to track FMLA for both managers and employees. Eligible employees are able to request FMLA leave directly from the clocking terminal. Once the request has been made, managers are able to view this request and track the progress of the customized case from start to finish.
To maintain compliance with FLSA, it is important to closely monitor your employee's hours. With a variety of different pay rates, schedules, and classifications, provide your managers with a real-time view of employee hours and status to ensure they remain in their hourly threshold and are compensated properly for overtime worked.
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