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What if we told you that the money you save on payroll could pay for the cost of TimeClock Plus implementation?

TimeClock Plus Return on Investment

Return on Investment Calculator

Deciding which workforce management tool to use is no longer as simple as choosing the best cost in savings. As the world develops and technology advances, time and attendance systems become more integrated, flexible, and accurate. TimeClock Plus systems are designed to allow organizations the ability to accurately track, automate, integrate, and run reports on employee time and attendance all from within one system. This then gives managers the ability to make better decisions, holds employees more accountable, and it also allows organizations to overall save time and money. By choosing a time and attendance system that has value, your organization is ultimately saving in the long run.

Camden Properties Talks TimeClock Plus

Through their testimonials, the Camden Properties team explains how TimeClock Plus reduced times to clock in and out and integrated into their payroll software. Our Professional Services team worked closely with them througout the implementation process as well.

Camden is primarily engaged in the ownership, management, development, redevelopment, acquisition, and construction of multifamily apartment communities. Camden's workforce totals approximately 1,600 employees across the United States.

TimeClock Plus ROI Calculator

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Job Costing Module

The Job Costing Module can export data to over 300 accounting systems.

From High Growth Business to Large Enterprise

TimeClock Plus has the solution to fit your organization's needs.

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