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Time & Attendance with TimeClock Plus v7

TimeClock Plus v7 Sample Reports

Your information available whenever you need it

You wanted it, you got it. Here is a list of some the reports offered in TimeClock Plus v7. All of these reports can be generated as an html, pdf, or Excel file. In addition, they can all be automated! Hover over the links for a quick description, and then click on them to see sample output.

Express Reports

The following are reports that are available within the Express version of TimeClock Plus v7.

Payroll Reports
Approaching OvertimeComplete Payroll ReportDay Breakdown ReportIndividual Exception ReportPayroll SummaryPayroll DetailWeekly Punch ReportException Summary Report

Standard Reports

In addition to all of the reports that Express provides, with a Standard license you receive all of the following reports.

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