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TimeClock Plus v7 Integrated Advanced Scheduler

Transparent workforce scheduling has never been so easy! Give your employees the flexibility to view and manage their schedules so you can tackle other tasks.

Workforce Scheduling Shift Board
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Automated Scheduling

Automated offers, swaps, and drops allow your workforce to manage their schedules within your configured business rules.

Open Shift Assignments

Set organizational workflows that assign or offer shifts to employees based on seniority, approaching overtime, and more.

Manager Dashboard

Review and approve shift drops or swaps and see schedule coverage statistics in real-time.

Shift Boards and Rosters

Managers and employees can view, assign, or pick up shifts from the time clock, web browser, or mobile apps.

Exception Reporting

Employees not reporting for their shift? View shift exceptions and see who’s here with fully-automated and accurate reporting.

Leave Management

Approving time off and building employee schedules shouldn’t be two separate processes and it isn’t with Advanced’s built in.

Employee Qualifications

Ensure that shifts are covered only by employees qualified to perform the job, even if employees are swapping shifts.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

You don’t have time for complicated! Create and assign shifts with easy to use drag and drop scheduling.

Job Costing Benefits

Tracking Individual Tasks For Job Costing

You probably already know the importance of tracking precise time worked on the job. Not only do you verify how your employees are spending their time, but you save money in the long run. That said, what are the benefits of taking time tracking further, and tracking individual tasks worked?

Employee Shift Offer
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Employee morale starts with transparency. Give your people the tools to be involved in building their work schedule.

Rather than constantly going to their manager, employees can use their configurable dashboard to answer their own questions. Advanced Scheduler is our workforce scheduler that gives employees the status of drop and leave requests, pending swaps, hours worked, messages, their schedules, and more. Needing a day off? Your employees can work collaboratively in the shift roster to see who is working a specific day or time, enabling them to quickly and easily swap shifts with coworkers and take that day off.

Employee Shift Calendar
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Enable your managers to address the most complex scheduling demands more quickly and with less fuss.

Managers use a visual Master Schedule to create shifts and define business rules for how employees should be scheduled. A shift board provides a drag and drop interface for managers to offer open shifts or to view and approve swaps or drops made by employees, in real-time. Offer your team the flexibility to split shifts, to accommodate complex scheduling needs, and to warn managers about offers and swaps that could result in scheduled overtime or other exceptions.

You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Watch our short video about Advanced Scheduler, then see our automated workforce scheduling software for yourself by arranging a consultation and demo.

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