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Our TimeClock Plus Popular Advanced Features

After 30 years, we’ve learned a lot about businesses - including your business. Our core product is the result of years spent gathering customer feedback and developing solutions to meet requests. Today, our products eliminate time tracking deficiencies and optimize workflows for you and your fellow payroll protectors. In addition, we have designed hundreds of specialized, modular features to enhance the core functionality of our product. These modules are uniquely suited to those specialized needs, and we’re constantly designing more to meet needs like yours.

Advanced Comp Time

This feature allows employees to accrue leave instead of immediate pay.

Advanced Scheduler

This feature enables your employees to swap, drop, and accept shifts while allowing the manager to create, manage, and edit schedules.

Automated Import

This feature allows Timeclock to make an automatic and periodical import of employee, user, and other data.

Benefit Status Monitor

This feature allows an employee's time to be measured for certain periods while tracking variances in the amounts of time worked.

BioScan 7 Desktop Reader

This feature allows the WebClock biometric access and requires installation of a locally hosted Workstation Hub and WebClock.

Break On Clock Out

This feature allows your employees to enter their break time at the end of the day when clocking out.

CAS (Single Sign On):

This feature is specific to universities and allows the user to bypass the TimeClock Plus login screen.

Clock Operation Custom Fields

This feature allows you to request additional information from your employees during clock operation.

Confirm Automatic Break

This feature allows your employees to confirm if they took their automatically scheduled break by asking if they took a break upon clock operation.

Contract Based Workday Finalizer

This feature helps to ensure that employees work the correct number of hours as specified by their contracts. It automatically creates timesheets by utilizing the Job Code from the contract.

Contract First

This feature counts contract hours before processing overtime.

Contract Hours

This feature tracks an employee's contracted hours versus their actual hours worked. Contracted employees can be categorized as annualized, having a calender, or pay by exception.

Cost Code on Clock Out

This feature allows an employee to choose a Cost Code either while clocking out or ending a segment that requires a cost code.

Cost Code Split at End Module

This feature authorizes an employee who is using cost codes to split their cost code evenly when they clock out for the day.

Counts Toward Overtime 2

This feature enables job codes to be configured to count Overtime 1 and Overtime 2 independently of one another.

Covered Hours

This feature shows you all the hours that have been covered by substitutes. It details who each substitute employee will be covering for.

Daily Overtime Exemption Module

This feature disqualifies daily overtime if the shift meets or exceeds the specified exemption length.

Export to FTP

This feature enables users to upload output to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) while exporting data.

Flexible Time of Day

This feature authorizes the user to set the time of day specifically for their organization.

Floating Pay Period

This feature permits a user to manually define a period for the TimeClock to calculate overtime.

FMLA Module

This feature helps to make tracking FMLA cases and the consequential leave time seamless and easy. The user can view and question their employees' cases along with configure settings.

Forced Overtime

This feature automatically forces segments into overtime when they fall within a range of time on a given day of the week.

Include Overtime in Regular Hours

This feature helps the user to manipulate reports and exports and how they display overtime hours. This will result in the software displaying hours and rates differently

Job Costing

This feature allows cost codes on the software to track up to five additional levels of detail for a specific Job Code.

Labor Costing

This feature tracks percentages of labor by dividing the total real (hours) or projected (schedules) wages by total sales. Labor percentages are on a day-by-day basis unless otherwise specified.

Language Settings

This feature allows the WebClock and RDTg devices to be in Spanish, French, or Vietnamese, either globally or on a per employee basis.

LDAP Authentication

This feature allows users and employees to login using a password from an associated user name in an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) compatible directory service.

Manage Employee Mobile Device

This feature inputs a mobile device that has performed a clock operation into the software.

Mandated Leave Accrual

This feature enables an employee to accrue from an amount of hours that rolls across several standard accrual periods.

Missed Break Automation

This feature automatically enters additional time in a specified job code for a completed shift with a specified length.

Missed Break on Clock Out

If an employee forgot to punch out for break, this feature, when the employee is clocking out, will notify them and prompt them to enter the time of their break.

Missed Meal Break


This feature allows employees to download an app to their smartphone or tablet (Android or iPhone) that includes clock and self-service operations.

MobileClock Kiosk

This features allows multiple employees to utilize one mobile device to perform MobileClock functions.

MobileClock with Photo

This feature takes a picture employees when they perform a clock operation, which makes it possible for the manager to visually identify who's making punches.


This feature allows a User to use an app on a smartphone or tablet (Android or iPhone) to access the Dashboard, Employee Status, and Employee Messaging.

Multiple Time Zone

This feature allows the user to set different time zones for certain individuals and clock devices.

On-Call Automation

This feature allows TimeClock to automatically fill the schedule with segments of the employee's hours. Overlapping or conflicting segments can fill the gaps between clocked segments with scheduled time.

Paid Break Limit

This feature allows the user to put a limit on their employee's paid break time for the day.

PointSystem Plus

This feature helps to track an employee's attendance by using a point based system.

Question on Clock Out

This feature allows the user to ask employees a yes-or-no question when they clock out for the day.

Rotating Overtime

This feature makes it possible for overtime thresholds to rotate from one overtime period to next.

Salaried Exempt Module

This feature will calculate a regular weekly pay rate, excluding overtime, for a specified employee

Salaried Non-Exempt

This feature will calculate a regular weekly pay rate, including overtime, for a specified employee.

SAML (Single Sign On)

This feature authorizes users and employees to bypass the TimeClock Plus login screen and then login to TimeClock Plus.

Scheduled Clock In Notification

This feature schedules employees to perform a clock operation at a specified time and will send notifications to both them and their manager when the employee fails to perform the specified operation.

Segment Based Rounding

This feature will round the times of day when the job or cost code is changed on a company-wide basis or for an individual employee.

Shift Based Minimum

This feature makes sure that an employee will always receive at least x number of hours when two or more segments are tied together.

Shift Differential

This feature makes it possible to pay employees higher wages for working certain times such as weekends or nights.

Shift Differential Majority

This feature helps to simplify multiple shift segments by placing all hours worked under the shift with the most hours worked.

Split by Percentage

This feature enables the user to split an employee's segments based on pre-defined cost code percentages.

Split Hours Over Contract

This feature will automatically input a different job code when contracted hours are exceeded.

Split Segment Module

This feature will automatically split an employee's segment at a certain point in the day without changing their job code or rate.

Split to Schedule

This feature will allow the user to split an employee's segment based on their assiged schedule and can be configured to send an email when the processing is complete.

Spread of Hours

This feature calculates the amount of time worked in the day by comparing the first Clock in of the day against the final Clock Out and then proceeds to add a time sheet to the employee's record.

Start Time of Day Shift Adjustment

This feature will change a segment's job code automatically if it is worked during the start of the day boundary (usually midnight).


This feature will help an employee to find a qualified substitute while simultaneously submitting a Time-Off request. The employee can specify the times while the substitute can accept or decline the request.

SubSearch Plus

This feature authorizes employees to request specific substitutes while providing them with a list of preferred substitutes. Email or SMS will keep substitutes, teachers, and administrators updated.

Substitute Tracking Module

This feature tracks employees who are filling the shift of a regularly scheduled employee.

Supplemental Hours Module

This feature allows a report to be printed that details the difference between employee wages and tracked fields versus what is required to meet the minimum wage.


This feature allows an employee to perform a clock operation via telephone.

Weighted Overtime

This feature adjusts an employee's hourly rates by using weighted rate calculations or redistributing overtime hours

Workweek Finalizer

This feature, using a defined job code, will automatically complete an employee's hours for the week if they have not yet reached their certain hour threshold.

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