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Give yourself a vacation from managing time-off.

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Absence and PTO Management From TimeClock Plus v7

Eliminate paperwork for leave requests with automated absence management.

Leave Request Manager
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Time Off Approvals

Approve time off requests from the Manager Dashboard or from the Request Manager calendar.

Multiple Views

Managers can view leave schedules in a calendar, list, or dashboard widget.

Filterable Views

Highly configurable filters allow managers to view by employee, leave type, and more.

Fully Integrated

TimeClock Plus Leave Management is fully integrated with our scheduling and FMLA features.

TimeClock Messaging

Notify employees via mobile apps, SMS, or email when time off requests are approved or denied.

FMLA Request

Track Family Medical Leave seamlessly with Leave Management.

Request Methods

Employees can flexibly enter leave requests from the time clock, mobile apps, or web browser.

Requests Templates

Control leave requests with templates that ensure the proper time is used for each leave type.

Employers Use Technology and Outsourcing to Ease Leave Management

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Time Off Request
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Handle time off and leave requests with ease.

Eliminate the paperwork related to time off with automated leave and absence management. Employees request time off right from any of our time collection devices. Managers are able to efficiently track accruals, balance PTO with employee schedules, watch for potential overtime, and approve leave requests all within a single application. Vacation and holiday tracking are made simple, and the time-consuming task of approving or denying time off requests becomes quick and easy using TimeClock Plus.

Leave Management Process:

  • Employees can view their accruals on any TimeClock Plus time collection device.
  • The Employee selects the available date(s) and completes the business defined request template.
  • A manager is immediately notified via email, SMS, or mobile apps of the employee’s request.
  • Requests are displayed on the Manager Dashboard and on the Leave Calendar or List.
  • The manager will simply approve or deny the leave request, and an automated message will be sent directly to the employee.
  • If integrated with scheduling, an open shift will be generated and the manager can use our automated tools to find a qualified substitute.

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Benefit Status

Benefit Status

The Benefit Status Monitor in TimeClock Plus provides automated tools for verifying employee status.

Absence Management

Absence Management

TimeClock Plus v7 Absence Management showcasing the management and employee experience.

Advanced Scheduler

Advanced Scheduler

The perfect ingredient to help you ditch the spreadsheets and more efficiently schedule your workforce.

Employers Use Technology and Outsourcing to Ease Leave Management

Employers Use Technology and Outsourcing to Ease Leave Management

'Co-Sourcing Tasks With Vendors Helps Lesson Administrative Burdens

Family and Medical Leave Act
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Family and Medical Leave Act

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a complex topic, leaving most organizations scratching their heads on how to administer continuous and intermittent leave.

Due to overlap or local regulations, state laws, and collective bargaining agreements, managing sick leave in coordination with federally mandated FMLA creates even more complexity and introduces considerable compliance risk.

TimeClock Plus leave management tools, provide the technology and flexibility to administer your complex leave policies in conjunction with FMLA. Create and view FMLA cases and report on leave reasons, leave balances, return dates, and more with configurable reporting and export tools. Empower your managers with visibility into their workforce to reduce the cost of unplanned employee absences, maintain employee productivity, and stay compliant with labor laws. We use the industry-best automations to help determine your employee’s eligibility for FMLA and ensure compliance across federal, state, and local government all while maintaining your organization's leave policies.

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