Simplified Reporting of Employee Information

To easily view, export and explore employee data in real time.

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Our TimeClock Plus Popular Reporting Features

After 30 years, we’ve learned a lot about businesses - including your business. Our core product is the result of years spent gathering customer feedback and developing solutions to meet requests. Today, our products eliminate time tracking deficiencies and optimize workflows for you and your fellow payroll protectors. In addition, we have designed hundreds of specialized, modular features to enhance the core functionality of our product. These reports are uniquely suited to those specialized needs, and we’re constantly designing more to meet needs like yours.

Accrual Usage


Approaching Exception

Approaching OT


Break Totals

Complete Payroll Report

Contract Details

Contract Variance

Cost Code Budget

Cost Code Punch Detail

Cost Code Summary

Cost Code Summary by Employee

Cost Code Usage

Day Breakdown

Employee Accrual Bank

Employee Information

Employee Job Codes

Employees Without Exceptions

Estimated Wages

Exception Summary

FMLA Case Summary

Future Cost Of Accruals

Individual Costing Detail

Individual Exception

Individual Job

Job Code Analysis Detail

Job Code Analysis Summary

Job Code Group Detail

Job Code Group Summary

Job Code Overtime

Job Code Split

Job Code and Cost Code Summary

Measurement Period


Payroll Detail

Payroll Summary

Period (Detail)

Period (Summary)

Period Accruals

Period Individual Cost (Detail)

Period Individual Cost (Summary)

Period Variance

Punch Location


Schedule Variance

Schedule vs- Actual

Schedule vs- Actual Breakdown

Scheduled Review

Selected Job Code

Shift Note

Substitute Coverage

Time Coverage

Weekly Punch

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Summary

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Our modular automation framework is a blank canvas where you can design processes and schedule tasks to work for you. Contact a Solutions Consultant to begin creating a solution for you.

We are very excited for our new partnership with TimeClock Plus. We have only had the system for about 6 months, but it has made such a difference in attendance tracking and reporting. We contact support frequently and they are very helpful! We appreciate the follow up from the team and their commitment to ensuring we get the most from their product.

Kelsey Studer

Federal Heath Sign Company

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