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Time and Attendance Made Simple

Workforce time clock software to manage hours, see who's on break, who's on leave and monitor overtime.
Time and Attendance Software
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Timesheet Approvals

Managers and employees can view and approve time in the same, easy-to-use timesheet window.

Manage Time Off Requests

Managers can see which employees need time off and make approvals or denials from a browser or mobile app.

Labor Management

Efficiently manage your workforce with real-time dashboards showing what matters most to you.

Job Code Breakdown

Track hours and labor costs against specific tasks or even jobs with job and cost codes.

Monitor Exceptions

Did someone forget to clock in or out? Monitor a host of configurable exceptions to prevent fraud.

Schedule Automations

Process shift premiums or round to workforce schedules with automated shift scheduling.

Attendance Policies

Use our Employee Status window to monitor attendance and configure occurrences to track infractions.

Time and Attendance Tracker

Tracking employee attendance is simple through our electronic time clocks and devices.

A Lesson in Time and Attendance

"It was hands down the easiest discover and implementation of any time clock product that I have ever done.”

McKinney ISD Case Study
Marlene Harbeson
Executive Directory of Finance
McKinney ISD
TimeClock Plus Hardware
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Adopt the simplicity of our integrated time collection devices. Your employees will thank you.

Commercially designed and purposefully-built to endure years of use, our entire line of electronic employee time clocks come with a full one-year parts and labor warranty. Available in dozens of configurations, our electronic time clocks will serve to fill the needs of your organization, while providing flexibility through modular peripherals that adapt to future needs.

Seamlessly integrated with our v7 software hosted in the cloud, our RDTg 300 and 400 series time clocks automatically send punches directly to your database, in real-time. There is no need for polling or manual import of data between our time clocks and your database.

In the event of network failure, each time clock terminal will operate in fallback mode to ensure your employees are able to continue clock operations; punches are stored and then uploaded once network connectivity is restored.

Our Standard Line of Time Collection Devices:

  • WebClock
  • Pin Pad time clocks
  • Badge or card swipe time clocks
  • Biometric fingerprint time clocks
  • Biometric hand scanner time clocks
  • Mobile devices for time clock operations (iOS, Android)
TimeClock Plus Manager Dashboard
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Empower your managers with the flexibility of our software design.

No two organizations are exactly alike – we know that, and it’s why we built TimeClock Plus v7 to be the most adaptable workforce time and attendance platform on the market. More than 30 years of experience has taught us that time and labor management is ever changing, and customers need flexibility to maintain payroll compliance.

Give your managers and administrators the tools and technology to pay your people accurately and on time. Provide a window into workforce management with real-time dashboards so that your front line can make informed decisions for the business. Protect payroll with automations that eliminate human error and remove guesswork.

You need a solution that you can count on and a partner dedicated to getting payroll done right for you and your people. Finally, there’s a personalized solution to time and attendance that works for you – TimeClock Plus.

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TimeClock Plus has been a great product. It is very easy to use and keep track of times. Very user-friendly!

Training Coordinator

Winder Police Department