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TimeClock Plus v7 Modules

Other Tools

After 30 years, we’ve learned a lot about business, including your business. Our core product is the result of all those years of developing to fill requests, eliminating reported time tracking deficiencies and optimizing workflows for you and your fellow business owners. In addition, we have designed hundreds of specialized modules that are uniquely beneficial to those who need them, and we’re still creating more to fill needs like yours. Here are some of the most popular:

Automatically import information into TimeClock.
Enable employees to enter their breaks for the current shift when clocking out.
Setup a contract for the employees to track a positive or negative hour variance based upon the actual hours they worked compared to their contract. This module is used mainly in school district environments.
Apply any earned overtime to non-contracted job codes by calculating hours worked in contracted job codes first.
Disable daily overtime for segments or shifts of a pre-set length.
Authorize configuration of the BioScan7. It works in conjunction with WebClock and requires the installation of Workstation Hub (Windows only).
Show employee access to or from a terminal using QuickPunch and the Digital Output Module. This report is used in conjunction with the Digital Output Module.
Configure the software to control the Digital Output port on our RDTg 300 and 400 Series Terminals.
Configure the fingerprint sensor used in conjunction with our RDTg 300 and 400 Series Terminals.
Force Overtime 1 or Overtime 2 based upon a day of the week.
Enable the implementation and configuration of the GT-400 handscanner.
Allows for overtime hours to be counted as regular hours when exporting and/or running reports.
Track up to 5 additional levels of information when performing clock operations. A Cost Code will be prompted on screen when clocking in.
Enable managers and employees to log into Manager and WebClock using their LDAP or active directory password.
Set up the employee’s preferred language. The language setting affects WebClock, MobileClock, and RDTgs. Available in Spanish, French, and Vietnamese.
Configure more than one company within a single TimeClock Plus Database.
Allow different employees to perform clock operations in different time zones. The ability to have the client in a different time zone than the application or database servers is part of the core software.
Allows employees to combine paid and unpaid breaks into a single break period, but ensures that they are only paid for the predetermined amount of time.
Calculate overtime on a 28 day basis instead of the traditional 7 day weekly or bi-weekly basis.
Calculates an employee's weekly salary and divides it by the number of hours they worked in the week to come up with a regular rate.
Configure and pay a shift premium for hours worked during a specific shift.
Specify a start time of day for a company, different from the traditional 12:00am to 11:59pm day.
Track substitutes' time. Substitutes will be prompted to choose the campus and teacher they are subbing for when clocking in.
Calculate overtime on a weighted overtime basis. There are 4 overtime methods available.
Configure the module to automatically complete an employee’s hours for the week if the employee has not reached a certain hour threshold.
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