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Header OvalPoints System Plus by TimeClock Plus
Points System Plus by TimeClock Plus

Points System Plus

TimeClock Plus has designed a new innovative and automated point attendance system for managers to efficiently track an employee’s conduct and records of merits by using occurrences. With the Point System Plus, managers will be able to determine different point totals based on employee exceptions.

Benefits for Managers
Benefits for Managers

Having an automated system of enforcing time and attendance policies not only alleviates the time it takes to manually enforce these policies, but also provides you with a consistent record of merits and demerits to be used for:

  • Effective corrective action
  • Employee turnover decisions
  • Rewards for good behavior

Managers can receive real-time notifications via text and email when exceptions are triggered or view the Manager Dashboard with the Recent Occurrences widget.

Benefits for Employees

Occurrence tracking helps ensure communication between managers and employees on items related to violations including:

  • Employee tardies
  • Absent without call
  • Wrong clock location
  • Dress code violation
  • Incorrect clock transaction

To stay up to date on recent occurrences, employees can be provided access to view their occurrences from WebClock, MobileClock, and RDTg terminals.

Benefits for Employees

Points System Plus In 3 Steps

Create The Rules
Create The Rules

Mangers simply set the rules and guidelines for each exception to help enforce and control workforce management. Each employee can have multiple exceptions and there is no limit on how many can be created or assigned.

Add the Occurrences

After a rule is created, Managers can then add and assign those rules to the employees in Employee Profiles under the Occurrences tab. In addition, managers can run automated reports based on those occurrences.

Add the Occurrences
Track The Points
Track the Points

As employees earn points based upon customized merits, managers can keep track of different points by storing the total number accrued in a ledger. In addition, managers can set an occurrence to expire at any given time needed.

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